Microsoft UK Internship 2014/5




Has anybody had or heard anything about their assessment centre with Microsoft for the intern scheme? I passed my Skype interview stage and I’ve been told that assessment centres will take place between February and end of April, but haven’t heard anything since.



Just wanted to know if you have heard anything back from microsoft regarding an interview or the further stages?



Hi, I just booked my Skype interview for the Business Operations role in London. Any advice? Please and thank you :slight_smile: .


Hey sorry to bother you, just wanted to ask if you have any advice for the Skype interview? I’m super nervous haha haven’t really found any information concerning Skype, only telephone interviews. Don’t know if they cover the same content. Thanks in advance and good luck in securing a placement! :slight_smile:



The skype interview is with somebody from HR, will be mainly competency based and will test your knowledge about the company. So know why MS, what products you like developed by MS. Best of luck!