Microsoft Skype Interview 2015 (for 2016 intake)



Anyone had one yet and care to share their experience?



I had my interview on Monday for Business Services and it was a very positive experience - it’s more of a conversation rather than specific questions (in the video interview). So I guess it depends on what you say and that will prompt their next question (E.g if you say I did an internship doing X Y Z they might ask what you found hardest from X Y Z and how you overcame that) - so the questions kind of flow just make sure you know why you’re applying.

Had an e-mail on Wednesday saying i’m under consideration but they can not guarantee a place at an assessment center until they have finished interviewing - don’t know if this is what everyone received or whether they eliminated some.

Good luck


Thank you for this! Did they ask about Microsoft products and competitors?


I can’t describe it as anything other than a 30 minute conversation but I always tried to link my examples to Microsoft. Perhaps if i didn’t link my examples they would have asked me more direct questions. I’ve had interviews at several companies (different sectors as well) and this was by far the most relaxed interview i’ve had! It really was just a conversation and an opportunity to ask some questions back and the recruiter was very knowledgable - one question she didn’t know but she e-mailed me back the same day. As long as you know why you are applying for the scheme you should be fine - but my interviewer was really friendly and i’m sure she would guide you if you’re not saying the right things (the impression I got from her!). Which stream are you applying for?


I’m applying for Business Services too. I applied the night before closing for the scheme because I hadn’t ever considered a career in the tech industry so I’m very nervous if she asks me tech based or competitor based questions. But if It’s as relaxed as you say it is then hopefully it should be fine. Thank you for your input I really appreciate it :slight_smile:



I just have a quick question about the video interview, I have been selected to complete one next week and wanted to know what kind of questions were asked. Were they more competencies or scenario based ones?

Not sure if they will ask similar questions for both interview processes. Congrats btw for getting through the Skype interview :slight_smile:


I did my Skype interview a couple weeks ago… I think it went well however not sure if it was good enough to make the AC. Fingers crossed anyway, good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Good luck! Which stream did you apply for? I’m in a similar position, I feel the interview went well but i’m not from an IT background (why I didn’t chose a technical role - Had one company which said ‘any discipline’ reject me for not having an economics degree). Did they mention the assessment center date? I was told 11th December but I’m wondering if there are multiple. Good luck once more!


I’m sure you will do fine! I applied near when it opened so they must be rushing through if AC is in 2 weeks (or at least one of them is). How was the interview? Hope it went well!


Hi Snowmanjr, I am applying for the Technical stream! That’s a shame that a company rejected you because of your degree :confused: Are you happy with the Business Services stream? They mentioned the 15th of December which I am assuming is for the Technical route and they said there is a possibility of having more afterwards, I guess it depends on how many candidates they take from initial AC’s. Best of luck with your application, hopefully we will find out soon whether we progress to the next stage :slight_smile:


My interview lasted only 20 minutes because I spoke WAY too fast so be careful of that. Things covered were why microsoft, why the role, tell me a time when you had to adapt, why tech, what do you think will be the best/worst thing about working here, why did you choose your a levels and degree, example of leadership. It was very brief but the interviewer was nice. AC for Business Services is 11th dec and all successful candidates will be notified a week before.


Hi Pamela,
Your interview sounded totally different to mine despite us applying for the same role - I was not asked to give any examples or talk about my A-levels. The only part about my degree was at the start confirming I had/was predicted a 2.1. It was more a conversation about where I want to be in the future, why Microsoft, why tech, what I’m interested in learning etc. I was interviewed by (if I remember) Sandra/Sarah (something like that!).
We were given the same AC date at least! Not sure how our interviews were so different… perhaps I answered some of them in the written questions? I’m a bit concerned now about how informal my interview was! Hopefully they are seriously considering me…
I wouldn’t worry about the 20 minutes, mine was ~25 and then I asked 2 questions (one response e-mailed later because she didn’t know).

Do you think they are still interviewing? Considering we are supposed to find out in the next 3.5 days (max)!

Good luck!


Hey that’s so weird, not sure how to feel about the inconsistency of the interviews…I’m not sure if they are still interviewing. I’m not really sure of what to make of the whole recruitment process so far.


Although I’m applying for a different stream I was never asked about my degree choice or anything in my interview either. I had a lot of questions just confirming whether I can start on the 1st of September, what my expected grade is, would I be happy relocating and doing 7 weeks training, taking a role where I am at the bottom of the company, etc. I think my interview was around 25 - 30 minutes as well. The hiring process this year seems quite different from previous years. Anyways good luck to both of you :slight_smile: You guys will find out your results a few days before I do :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah - I had a lot on whether i’m happy to relocate, travel abroad, start September etc (didn’t mention as there is nothing you can prepare for such a question!). I wasn’t asked any technical questions, but I didn’t apply for a technical role.

Anyway - Good luck!


I had those standard questions too but thought there was no point in posting those as no prep is needed.


Hey, just wanted to ask if anyone has received an email with the outcome of their interview already, as the assessment centre is in exactly a week from today? Thank you


Hey, just wanted to ask if anyone has received an email with the outcome of their interview already, as the assessment centre is in exactly a week from today? Thank you


No not yet. I’m starting to think I was unsuccessful because I haven’t heard anything yet.


I’ve heard nothing, I expect we will hear mid-late afternoon before the end of day… Based on when I’ve received notifications from other companies. Never received one in the morning actually looking over my inbox :smiley: