Microsoft MACH Programme



Has anyone been through the recruitment process for Microsoft’s MACH programme? I have a telephone interview coming up and would be grateful for any tips or info.



What is the MACH programme Misfit?


MACH stands for the Microsoft Academy of College Hires. Its Microsoft’s graduate programme. There are several streams in the programme like, HR, Sales, Marketing, Technical Consulting, Finance, Software and Hardware Development etc.


Have you checked out the [[IBM]] and [[IBM Global Services]] pages? May be of some use.

Which programme are you applying for specifically?


Hi Misfit, how did your telephone interview go? hope it went fine. I am about to submit my application for the programme as well. Please let us know your experience with the tel. interview. Thanks


Hi Misfit!
How long did it take before they contacted you?. (after you applied)

I applied for this program as well, but have not heard from them…



Hi Zhenya,

I had a telephone interview on the 15/10/08 and still haven’t heard from them (that’s nearly 6 weeks now). How long have you been waiting?



Hi zidanee,

It took about 4-5 weeks. They wrote to me yestarday - I didnt through.

Good luck to you!


what kind of questions did they ask you zhenya?


Please can someone hint us on the sort of questions they were asked on the tel. Interview. Zidanee and Zhenya any help please? Mine is 9 days time.


The questions I was asked were:
Why do you want to join Microsoft?
Who are Microsoft’s competition?

I was also asked to discuss current and future trends in technology.

I had my interview around 15/10/2008 as well but I haven’t heard anything yet from Microsoft.


Thank you misfit. It sounds like there were no competency based questions asked.good luck everyone


“I had my interview around 15/10/2008 as well but I haven’t heard anything yet from Microsoft.”

I had mine exactly the same day and still no response. Glad to hear I’m not the only one - that means they are just experiencing a backlog of applications…

“Thank you misfit. It sounds like there were no competency based questions asked.good luck everyone”

There were competency based questions among others. I definitely remember they asked me to tell them about some sort of a project I’ve done and there were follow up question from what I’ve told them. They asked me about MS products as well.

Good luck!


Just finished my telephone interview:

-Why do you want to join the MACH programme
-Who are MS competitors
-What area are you passionate about, what are the future trends in that area
-What are the current market opportunities for Microsoft
-Tell me about a project you have done in the past

Not enough time to talk in length, the interviewer kept interrupting. It lasted 15mins, 5 questions. It sounds very straight forward but I am sure they know what they’re looking for. Those questions were too easy to be true.

I was told i will get response after Christmas.

Once again thank you misfit and Zidanee. I wish you GOOD LUCK!


hello guys!

-They sent me an email saying that the interview will be competency-based but I understand that they want us to know a lot about the company as well.

-Zidanee and Misfit, were there questions like “tell me about a time when…” (you know, about teamworking,time management,leadership etc)?

-Which MACH program have you applied for (marketing,sales or technology)?


i had one for finance. typical competency-based. it was the best phone interview i have ever done. perfect from start to finish but still didn’t make it. when they called me back they couldn’t give me a reason for rejecting me, my answers were very strong or excellent. and i holfd an IT degree as well, so it’s competitive allright. prepare PERFECT anwsers and lead the interview.



“Zidanee and Misfit, were there questions like “tell me about a time when…” (you know, about teamworking,time management,leadership etc)?”

I don’t remember very well now as it has been couple of months since the interview. I think the only question similar to that was "tell me about a time when you were participating (or maybe managing) in a project.


jbonweb - you were right on the money with the questions.

Despite the simplicity of the questions, I still found it tricky and jarring - I much prefer ‘conversation’ interviews to the one way dialogue (and constant keyboard tapping) of this one.

radualex’s advice to ‘lead’ the interview is bang on - sometimes I was asked to explode detail into very dull and functional areas of the questions rather than the sexy stuff…

I was told I’d get a response before the end of this week - good luck everyone!


just finished my interview…

-Same questions,many interruptions and details about the project that I had done(including “obstacles”). The interviewer was very polite but she did not seem to understand my way of working in the project (in technical terms).

  • She was complaining that I was talking too fast(she was recording my interview and she wanted me to talk slower). Then I started talking toooooooooo slow!!!

  • I did not have the opportunity to tell everything I had prepared,so TALK ABOUT THE MOST IMPORTANT FIRST,don’t leave it for the last minute!

It was not my best performance in a telephone interview…I started worrying from the beginning,when she told me that I was talking too fast…and then I was trying to talk slowly rather than thinking about my answers!

GOOD LUCK to you guys and thank you very much for your help!


Hey all,

I applied for the sales stream and had my telephone interview in mid-October too and heard back 2 weeks ago that I had passed and through to the assessment centre sometime next month, but have not had an e-mail confirmation yet. So I guess if some of you haven’t heard back yet then don’t worry, they might still be sifting through all the applications.

Has anyone heard anything positive though? Anyone else apply for the sales stream?

Good luck anyways!