Microsoft graduate scheme - Application



Good afternoon fellow members.

I am writing as i am concerned about the application. I am looking to apply for the sales stream. The questions are as follows:

What excites you about joining Microsoft and the technology sector?
Tell us why you’ve applied to your chosen stream (i.e. Sales, Technical, Business Services) what interests you about it and what qualities do you think are necessary for success?
Describe how you have stretched yourself whilst at university. Are there any achievements you are proud of that set you apart from your peers?

What experience have you gained from work, university or extra-curricular activities that you will draw on early in your career as a graduate?

I am struggling on the first question. I was thinking to mention the new product range and mention the trends. Can i get some guidance of what to include or even how to word it.

I have relevant experience of working with Microsoft while at uni.


Hi there,

Have you sent in your application yet? Targetjobs used to have pages on how to answer some of the questions however they recently removed them. On the first question I recommend you mention examples of Microsofts products that you really like, why, how they’re different or innovative, etc. I can’t remember all the advice was offered but make sure that you really show you’re passionate about Microsoft! :slight_smile:


The questions i have listed is the application itself. I found the target job not to be massively helpful.


Hey how far have you got with the application?


Hey pamela, have you applied to the scheme? How are you finding the process? I applied a while back and completed my Skype interview already. Just waiting to hear whether I have made the AC or not!


Hi FS, I’m applying for a sales grad role right now and I’m also stuck on the first question. Do you have any advice for me? I feel like this will be the most important question out of all three. Thank you in advance.