MI6/Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) interview & assessment centre process


Hi guys. I haven’t been able to find any info on the MI6 interview & assessment process. Has anyone here applied to MI6 and been for the interview/assessment centre? I’m very keen to find out what happens as there is very little info on the net!



Applicants aren’t allowed to discuss the application process, so I presume thats why there is limited information?


Yes. I think you’re right. Still… perhaps someone could volunteer something?!


lol this could get you killed!


Woa! It’s not like it’s the KGB!


Well, even before you submit your app, you are warned that you must not tell anyone (including your family members) when you apply to SIS.

I think for the benefit and welfare of the people on this forum, it would be nice not to talk about SIS. This forum is predominantly concerned with private sector recruitment.


what happens if you saw an advert at the same time as someone you were with and both said you were going to apply, but didn’t realise you shouldn’t have talked about it until you got to the website?


You either have to:

(a) marry your friend
(b) kill your friend
© be killed by your friend

If your friend is the same sex as you both your chances of employment will double as MI6’s charter forces them to recruit a diverse range of people, and they must hire a certain percentage of people of unconventional sexual backgrounds.

What are you going to do?


haha, lol :slight_smile: I haven’t applied by the way, it was just a hypothetical question.


Ah good! You passed the first test.