Merrill Lynch Summer Tech Internship


I got an offer for the summer tech internship at ml…has anyone done the tech internship in the past? What was your experience like?

Also does anyone know what the Seal House at 1 Swan Lane ml offices are like? I had my AC there but didn’t really get a tour of the whole office.



I know somebody who did a [[technology]] [[internship]] at [[Goldman Sachs]]. I know it’s not [[Merrill Lynch]], however I thought I’d relate his experience. He worked his socks off- in fact, they worked him so hard that he became ill as a result. He felt like everybody was in competition to get in earlier and leave later than everybody else. Of course, his experience is just the experience of one, and that doesn’t mean the same would apply to you!

Sorry I have no idea what the offices are like!


Hey thanks for your response. I hope your friend is ok now :wink: