Merrill Lynch AC



I would appreciate if you could share your experiences.
It is my 1st AC for Summer Internship, I have been given only 4 days to prepare.



Good luck man, when did you apply and for what role? If you dont mind me asking.



Ergo, I applied in September for Global Markets.



Applied late October /S&T/, havent heard of them, yet


I have been invited to AC too, applied end of october

Any help would be appreciated


For those who has the AC yesterday, how was it?
What kind of group discussion and interview do they have, how are the tests?

Do you know when you will be told the result?


Did anyone attend the AC on 24/11/08 and receive the results?


I will have an upcoming AC in early Jan, could anyone share some experience on this?

ps, I applied for equity capital market fulltime analyst