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If you have reached the online aptitude (reasoning) tests stage with Merill Lynch then congrats, this information could be useful for you. I have posted information on several recruitment tests as I have applied to many graduate programmes since last year. I hope you will find it useful. pls share if you have more information as I know I would be better off if I knew this stuff earlier (I failed many tests before).

ML will require you to take 2 online reasoning tests, namely, Numerical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning tests. These are administered by Kenexa (formerly PSL) and Kenexa format is widely used by investment banking and consulting industries.

The Numerical Test consists of 20 questions with 20 minute time limit. You can go back and forth and change the answers (but don’t do it). The level of difficulty varies and proper preparation using tutorials is a must! I think the best place to learn how to get a top score is from GraduateMonkey (just google the name). You will need to look for a Kenexa type tutorial they have. I used graduatemonkey tutorials myself, amazingly well organised into data types/contexts so you will remember different types of problems. On the downside, their Ebook is available online only although their tutorial videos are helpful (showing shortcuts, etc). It took me 4 days to prepare using their material and I got 90th percentile on my num. I failed the same test last year with 29% score and I still regret not paying attention to the test. but i improved this time which means we can all improve.

The Verbal Reasoning Test consists of 24 questions to be answered in 18 minutes. The key is to read the questions very quickly FIRST then look for answers in the paragraphs. You will still need a lot of practice and proper tutorial. Assessmentday practice tests should be good to practice. I prefer assessmentday because they provide the same material in bigger quantities but cheaper price - so you have lots of practice if you have the time!

Anyway, the BEST of luck to ALL of us who are now applying to grad schemes !!!



I think GraduateMonkey is a new tutorial provider, they do video tutorials on numerical tests. Not sure if they cover verbal or logical tests but will check.
ML tests main challenge is time because it is Kenexa and they give you 1m per question compared to SHL where you have 25 mins to answer 18 questions. Compared to other Investment banking tests such as BarCap, JP Morgan, UBS Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs - Merill Lynch online reasoning tests are average difficulty e.g. between the hardest (Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs) and the easiest (BarCap tests). Still, make sure you prepare because our skill levels vary and with practice you can always improve your scores.


hi mate just wanted to thank you. Graduatemonkey materiel was spot on, it had the numerical problems types broken down into categories also liked their video tutorial on summing up and graphical guessing techniques and % pie chart problem solution shortcuts.


Is ML hiring this year? For what job areas?


Practice kenexa tests on their website. also, you can use other sources suggested above. yes. ML is hiring this year, check their website, their started last week,


has anyone had any experience with graduatemonkey, are they any good? I saw their aptitude test preparation tutorial (Ebook, videos and practice tests) packs start from £19 per pack. Not sure if it is worth my money. Looking for a prompt response.
thanks a lot in advance!


Does anyone know if Merill Lynch is still hiring? Their website does not state clearly :frowning:


Dear wikijobers,

I have a question actually. Has anyone among you passed the application stage recently? I need to know if ML is still reviewing new applications for internships.

Thanks a bunch!


Hi guys, has Merill Lynch or Bank of America launched their 2015 recruitment season for grads yet?

I have been practicing using several test providers but it seems they use Knexa format. Any experiences with their reasoning tests, are they hard?


thank you for the info!


Merill Lynch UK recruitment for 2016 already open!