Mercer Interview



Has anybody had a phone interview with Mercer yet? I have mine in a couple of days and was wondering what kind of questions do they ask and how long is it usually.

Any help would be appreciated.


I was asked questions about my education and the skills I gained through it. Then I was asked about what I knew about the Pensions market. After that she asked me about Mercer and my service line and the actuarial exams followed by 3 competency questions. I was offered the AC on the phone. Just be yourself and try and adapt your competencies to indirect questions.

My indirect questions were:

Tell me about a time when your views were met with opposition.
Tell me about a time when you performed beyond expectations.
Tell me about a time when you helped a team member.

Just be relaxed and think on your feet. Practice your competencies well and make sure you answer indirect questions properly. My interviewer was very nice which made it a little bit easy.

I’ve applied for Investment consulting in Leeds. What about you? My AC is on the 11th.


They asked what do you know about the qualifications and why do you think you will be successful at qualifying?


I have applied for a job as pensions consultant, i have a telephone interview tomorrow. I was actually unaware that you had to sit exams, i thought that these were only in the actuarial profession (a pensions consultant is not an actuary right?). are these the same as actuarial exams? what qualifications do you recieve? sorry for these basic questions.


Eevryone that joins Mercer has to take some sort of qualifications, whether it is actuarial exams or CFA. If you are applying in Pensions then yes you have to take the actuarial exams and these are 14 exams over a span of 5 years to qualify as an actuary. You will be asked about these in your interview.


As a pensions consultant, would the exams not be PMI (Pensions Management Institution) examinations? Im slightly confused now as I presumed the actuarial exams (which I know a fair bit about) were only if you applied for Actuarial Consulting or Investment Consulting. Are you thinking that I have applied to the pensions sector of Actuarial Consulting?

Also, I am unsure as to how to go about answering the question regarding my understanding of Mercer and the service line I have applied for (pensions consulting). Do you have any tips?

Cheers for your time


Right…I get which one you have applied for. I know that every service line in Mercer requires some sort of exams. In your case then it would be the PMI if you have researched that bit.
Understanding of Mercer would require you to tell them your knowledge of what the company does as in the services they provide. And you would probably be asked what you think you would be doing in your first year as a pensions consultant which you can find out if you read some grad profiles.


Has anyone heard back from Mercer regarding the application stage?


hi everyone,

just had my telephone interview with mercer today. when do they usually let you know you if you are through to the ac?




I haven’t even heard anything about my application yet. I submitted it ages ago.


I had my interview nearly 2 weeks ago, and they haven’t contacted me yet, which is probably a bad sign, but then again, they’re probably extremely busy at the moment (I wonder if they at least send you an e-mail if you’ve been unsuccessful).


Yes, they sent me an e-mail more than two weeks after the interview to tell I have not been successful.So, don’t worry…you’ll find out soon the outcome.


Thanks, Irina. I think I’ll just have wait for the e-mail and then ask my interviewer for feedback. Which role did you apply for?


I applied for the Actuarial graduate prog., but did not have time to prepare properly as they didn’t give me much time and it was my first ever telephone interview. A delay is not necessarily a bad thing and I think they will call you if you are successful or send an e-mail if not. Good luck!


Thanks, irina and oftheshore.

Oftheshore, would you mind to let me know when you receive the outcome? Good luck!

Irina, did they provide you with feedback when they informed you of the outcome?


Thanks, Milkshake, I will let you know as soon as I find out. I applied for a position in Human Capital, by the way.


Nope, no feedback…


Hi there can anyone tell me the cmopetency questions u were asked on the phone?? That would be GREEEEAAAATTTT :stuck_out_tongue: thx!



How many questions did they ask in total?


How long was your phone interview?


If so, you spent about 4 mins per question, and do you feel your answer is too long?


god…i think i totally bombed the interview…it did not go well for me…i was so anxious and nervous all of a sudden…but the interviewer seemed very sweet nontheless…she asked about preuni and uni education/motivation, then asked about mercers clients which i was not prepared to answer…then she went on with qualifications…and then what mercer does in general…then competency based questions…sigh…good luck to you all !