Mercer Graduate Program 2013


I have an assessment centre for Mercer for the Human Capital Analyst role coming up in London. Is anyone else attending it this month? Has anybody else attended the assessment centre and would be willing some share some information about your experience? Is there a numerical test and if so, are they the SHL kind?


Hi ml316…sorry I cannot help you with this but I think you can answer me a question I have regarding the telephone interview of Mercer…i have just finished my telephone interview for the Investment Analyst graduate programme and the interviewer did not inform me of the outcome…she told me that they will inform me within a week…i read from other reviews that they inform you at the end of the call if you are successful…does this mean I was unsuccessful?were you informed immediately that you were successful?thanks!


I was not told until 6 days after the call and i was successful. So this does not mean you have been unsuccessful yet


Also how did you find your assessment centre experience ml316?


thanks askalaba!hopefully I will be successful…for what position have you applied?also how was you telephone interview?my experience was great…the interviewer was ver kind…she has just asked me 5 questions about my CV and Mercer, role and just 1 competency based question…I think I did well but I did not understand what she thought…after each of my answer she was always saying ‘great’…but at the end when she told me that I will be informed in one week I thought I will be unsuccessful…how was your experience?


I have applied for an internship as an actuarial trainee in the London office, yourself? my telephone was quite relaxed really. Initially i was understandably very nervous but the women was very kind and calmed me down. I felt that i answered my understanding and motivation for the company and role really well, however I answered my competency question VERY poorly. I thought people were told on the phone if they made the assessment day so i thought i was unsuccessful aswell


I have applied for a graduate position as an investment analyst in the Birmingham office…


guys, how long after you submitting your application form they contacted you for telephone interview please? thanks


Guys its been more than 10 days now since my phone interview and still now answer… Anyone with the same experience ?


hi guys…finally i got a call 8 days after the phone interview and was invited to an assessment centre later this month at Birmingham office…anyone else have an assessment centre this month?how did you find your experiences at the assessment centres askalaba and ml316?thank you!



I also have been invited to an assessment day for the internship as a trainee actuary. Does anyone know how much information is given for preparation towards the presentation? I understand you get told the topic on the day.


Hey there,

I know this thready might be a bit old. However, could anyone share their experience of the AC they had with Mercer please?

Thanks :slight_smile: