Mercer AC!



I’ve got an assessment centre coming up with mercer!! Anyone been to it this year? What can i expect? Any advice would be appreciated!!



Hi Dublin, hope you are doing well, have you been successful with your Mercer AC?

I have got a phone interview coming up and if I succeed the next step is AC.

I know the AC consists of interview, presentation, case study, group discussion and verbal test.
Is that true that there will be no numerical test? How should I prepare for all the assessments now?
Any Advice would be more than appreciated!!

Best Wishes,


today I just did telephone interview and interviewer told me that there would be no numerical test…When did you guys get outcomes after telephone interview?? and wot 's the next process after telepone interview? thanks a lot


hey everyone,
i see everyone’s having telephone interviews and AC already, may i ask which position did you apply to dublin, cky and yumikoyoy?
and one more question, when you filled in the application form, what did you write in the part about the industry Mercer operates in? i have completed all the other questions but am stuck on that one.

Would appreciate any advice!


Hi everyone,

I have a phone interview in a couple of days. Please could you tell me what kind of questions did they ask? Anything that surprised you? Any help would be appreciated.



hey cool_zero. In that question I wrote about the sectors mercer operates in like HR consultind, retirement consulting and investment consulting. Write what these sectors involve and what kind of clients Mercer has in these sectors. Just read their website thoroughly and that should give you the answer. This question just wants to test your awareness of the company.


I have just had my telephone interview with Mercer. It was quite relaxed and the interviewer was very nice.

I was asked questions about my education and the skills I gained through it. Then I was asked about what I knew about the Pensions market. After that she asked me about Mercer and my service line and the actuarial exams followed by 3 competency questions. I was offered the AC on the phone. Just be yourself and try and adapt your competencies to indirect questions.

My indirect questions were:

Tell me about a time when your views were met with opposition.
Tell me about a time when you performed beyond expectations.
Tell me about a time when you helped a team member.

All the best to everyone out there.


Have a phone interview lined up for Mercer as well, thanks for all the input, ll let know the outcomes. In the meantime, if there is any more advice and experience regarding their phone interview it’ll be highly appreciated. Desperate for a proper job at the moment.


Had my AC last week. It was quite relaxed actually.

I started with the presentation. My topic was " Explain the rationale behind the government intervention in the economy in the last 6 months." I had 4 days to prepare the presentation. I had to present to only 1 person. He asked me a couple of questions about it.

How did you research the material for the presenation?
Did you practice the presentation on anybody?
Do you think the government took the right decisions?

Then I had 2 separate interviews with senior consultants. One was centered around my educational background and work experience and the other talked why mercer? and about the qualifications i will be doing and general questions about the practice area.

Then we had a 35 minute case study excercise which was an individual task where each of us had to write down an individual recommendation. This was followed by a group discussion of the case study where we had 15 minutes to reach a consensus.

After this we ahd a 40-minute lunch break during which we were shown around the office by 2 graduates that started this year.

Following that we had a verbal reasoning test for 35 minutes. It wasn’t the standard yes, no, cannot say. It was more multiple choice and comprehension based. A paragraph of info provided and then 3-5 questions on it such as:

Which of the following words replaces this word in line 5?
Which 2 sentences best summarise the para?
Which sentence describes this group?

things like that…which I found quite hard and time-consuming and was the least enjoyable part of the day.

The day started at 10 and finished at 2:30 pm. Hoping to hear from them soon.


Hi Surbhimehra, first of all congrats for making it so far!

It seems to be a very tough AC, I have just been invited to attend an AC, and quite frankly, I am a bit nervous after reading this post. Just out of curiosity, how long did your interviews last? And also, how long does the presentation have to last?

Hope you make it through! Best of luck!




Hi Harshil,

Each interview lasted 40 minutes and the presentation was for 15 minutes. The only thing I did not like was the verbal reasoning test because in the email she said it would be the standard yes no cannot say but it turned out quite different. So just be prepared for that. Which office did you apply for? and when is your AC?

Best of luck :slight_smile:


Hello Surbhimehra

My AC is on the 9th of January for the Windsor office, still a long way away! What about you, where did you apply? Did they not ask you any competency questions in the interviews? And what was the case study about, might be the same one, lol! I normally do really bad on ACs, hope this one is going to be different.



Unfortunately I have not got the job…but best of luck to all of you!


Hi Surbhimehra

Sorry to hear that, I am sure you ll get another job! Did they give you any feedback?

Best of luck with the other apps.




hey guys, i had an assessment centre earlier this week in london and very happy to say i got the internship!

harshil - in the interviews with senior consultants they do ask you competancy based questions, but…in mine they tended to ask for examples from things i’d put in my CV or said in my telephone interview…

e.g i think they asked…you said that you play alot of basketball, has there ever been a time when you have had to take the role of a leader in the team? etc etc

As for the case study, it was about a company who was reviewing there benefits package, so there was a load of information about what they currently offered (e.g bonuses, holiday, health insurance, pension scheme etc)

then it had a bunch of criteria that the company wanted to meet with a new scheme, and a ranking of what employees thought was the most important (bonus!)

then there was 4 different suggested packages and you had to analyse the good and bad points of each one and pick you choice!
then as a group you have 15 minutes to discuss and recomend one! to be honest it doesnt really matter which one you pick, as long as you have justification and can talk about why in the group discussion!


Hi Guys

I just recieved the presentation topics for my assessment day with Mercer. The topics are:
What factors have offset the predicted UK recession?

Explain the rationale behind the government and Bank of England’s’ interventions in the economy over the last 6 months.

For the ones who have already finished their assessment days, can you please advice how to go about the researching these topics. If anyone can provide some pointers, I would really appreciate it.

Kind Regards



just search the bbc website. all the info is on there. i used the second topic.


yeah i did the second one too and i think most people who where there had done the said…

you should be able to find loads of information on the bbc website, as well as by googling for things.
robert pestons blog on the bbc website is quite useful.

Also, i think the most important thing is that you make the presentation very simple… you do your presentation too 2 members of the HR team, so you dont need to much detail, theyre much more concerned with how you present than the actual reason.

I tried to make it as simple as possible by using an analogy where the economy was a patient and different interventions where medicine (it sounds stupid but for someone with no prior knowledge it was useful) and i think they quite liked it. You shouldnt have too much writing on your slides but things like graphs help quite alot! also i asked them a couple of questions to try and ‘check for understanding’ like ‘has the value of your house fallen’ and tried to link the rationale back to those at the end!!!

keep it really basic and make sure you understand anything you talk about because they will ask you questions!


Did they ask you any commercial awareness questions in the interview?


hi guys i have a phone interview coming up for internship. i have applied for investment consultancy. i am not sure abt the qualification i wud be doing. wen i received the phone call, the lady said i shud know abt pension fund industry. is that supposed to be known by all?
cud u tell me wat qualification i wud be doing?