mercedes benz graduate finance scheme


hiya, have you heard anything from them? also, i applied for Marketing :slight_smile:


Anyone have an interview? I have one this coming week


Nothing yet. Did the tests last week and waiting to hear back now.


I completed my on-line tests on March 2 - as it turned out successfully. Then, last week I received a very unexpected call from Mercedes at 9:30 in the morning and had a mini-telephone interview (only 3-4 questions).

I was studying that night until 6am, so no need to say how I performed three hours later when the phone rang in my sleep!
Half-awake and shaking from the adrenaline rush, I believe I completely messed up the easy questions and stammered poor answers. Initially, I asked whether it was possible to be contacted later, as they had woken me up, but the answer was ‘‘our purpose is exactly to catch you off-guard’’.

I can understand the company’s point of view - excellent candidates are excellent 24/7. Still, I feel disappointed with their practice - I wouldn’t qualify cold-calling at 9.30am as giving everyone a fair chance.

I will be contacted with the outcome this week.


hi beroni, sorry to hear that your telephone interview didnt go so well. I hope that doesnt happen to me, I have a few 9am lectures during the week.

Can i ask though, what questions did they ask you and how long was the interview?

Thanks in advance


I took the online tests a couple of weeks ago and received notification I had been successful a few days after. They said they would be reviewing the rest of my application with the results and I still haven’t heard from them.

This waiting is not fun. I have applied for the business operations placement.


amp101 did you have a telephone interview or face to face? How was it?


The Mercedes-Benz UK Graduate Programme is an 18 month development programme run annually, with placements commencing in October. Our Graduate Programme has two placement types; Business Operations including Retail, Sales & Marketing, Financial Services and Finance

Successful applicants to the scheme will benefit from:

•Rotation throughout our organisation with exposure to departments across our three businesses.
•Personal Development opportunities.
•An opportunity to link in with Daimler’s Global CAReer Programme.
•An assigned Mentor for the duration of the programme

To apply for a position on our Graduate programme please email your CV and a full covering letter to:

I applied to both schemes : Mercedes & Daimler


For 2012 there are only 3 placement types;

•Business Operations
•Human Resources

For more information about the Graduate Programme and how to apply please visit

For 2012, 2 for each scheme and 1 of each sex and at least an equality in ethnic background, however, a clean shaven male is required (no designer stubble)


Those that applied for this scheme were disappointed as they only required 1 graduate


My relative preferred this scheme

Location: East London & Pretoria
February 2013 – January 2016 (for 2013 intake)

Your road to success in the accounting profession has taken you through years of undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Now you are looking forward to a bright future and finally ready to take the next step.

Get a head start by participating in Mercedes-Benz South Africa’s CA (SA) training programme. The Mercedes-Benz South Africa CA (SA) training programme has been running since 2008 and differs from other graduate programmes as it offers developmental opportunities through the integration of academic knowledge and practical skills.

Why CA (SA) articles at Mercedes-Benz South Africa?

•We offer a three-year rotational system of training that enables trainees to experience a good overview of the entire organisation.
•Trainees are able to identify, develop and focus on their specific areas of interest within the organisation.
•Trainees are able to showcase their capabilities overtly.
•Individuals are offered the opportunity to fast-track their careers as CAs as they are able to train within the commercial environment in which they wish to specialise.
•We provide trainees with in-depth exposure to Financial Accounting; Managerial Accounting and Financial Management; Corporate Governance; and Taxation.
What are the programme entry requirements?

•Applicants must be in possession of a CTA (Certificate in the Theory of Accounting), i.e. fourth-year Honours degree with subjects in Taxation, Financial Accounting, Auditing and Management Accounting or in their CTA/Honours year of study.
•Computer Literacy an advantage.
How to apply

Please go to Vacancies and on the right hand side select the folder named: Students Experiential Programmes, East London/Zwartkop PTA. Register your CV and apply or alternatively email your CV to

Can us UK citizens apply as we are part of the Commonwealth ?


lcr1403: It was face to face, the interview was short and was asked pretty standard questions. Ive yet to hear back from them.



Does anyone know what to expect from the Mercedes Benz business operations assessment day?Or has anyone heard what happens on the Mercedes Benz assessment days?



I took my online assessment on March 8th and still haven’t heard anything back…doesn’t look promising!


I took my online assessment on March 8th and still haven’t heard anything back…doesn’t look promising!


The assesment day in Weybridge is just like other assesment centres.

However, smart appearance is necessary and facial hair be it a goatee, moustache or full is a job killer.


i also had a telephonic interview with merced benz sa for gradaute programme, still expecting expecting for a reply