Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains Assessment Centre


I have been invited to one on the 19th January.


how did it go. Can you give me some information. mine is on 23dr


Hi guys I just had mine the 18th for the build placement what was yours for? When did they tell you they’d get back to you


Hi, I had the SHL test on 9th December, but I have no more feedback, when did you do the SHL test and when did they contact you for the assessment?


I didn’t have a test like that just an invite to the assessment centre


What position are you applying for? How many days before the assessment day they contacted you?


Hi, does anyone know how long it takes them to get back to you, after you attended the assessment centre?


Hi guys,
I had my assessment centre this year for the Finance placement at Mercedes AMG HPP. The application process is the most simple one I have experienced. You just fill out an application form online consisting of five questions and if you pass you are invited to attend an AC. We were told that the AC would involve a group task and a technical interview however on the day they threw in a case study which was very brief. They then give you 10 mins to ask as many questions as you can and after this you have 40 min to prepare a case for a project which will be undertaken. You then have to present your case at the beginning of the interview. As for the group task it was straightforward.There is a device in the middle of the room surrounded by a perimeter and as a team you must remove the device with a few pieces of rope without dropping or tilting it. The interview itself was very underwhelming as I was expecting it to be taken by someone senior in the company however to my surprise it was just two graduates who work in different departments. The people interviewing me were very hostile towards me and some of the questions they asked were just ridiculous. Overall it was a poor experience however visiting the place made me realise it is not somewhere I would like to work.



is there anyone on this thread who is not a european native. I want to ask if AMG HPP even consider non-european candidates or is it just a waste of time and money to go through all the procedure and get rejected in the end.

Thanks in advance!



I’ve been invited to the Finance Assessment centre as well for next year’s placement scheme. I just wanted to ask you what you meant when you said the interviewers had asked you ridiculous questions? Could you give a specific example of a question that they asked that you thought was hard… reading your review is kind of making me nervous!

Also, for the individual presentation, what kind of project did you have to present about? Did they give you facts, figures etc?