Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains Assessment Centre


Hi all
Since there was no forum available for this so I thought may be I should start one. I’ve cleared the first stage and I am now invited for Assessment Day on Feb 29th. Is anyone else coming??
Or has anyone been to the Assessment center already?? What was it like?? What group and individual exercises did they conduct??


and also it says in the e-mail about a technical interview. What was that like??


hey, I have been invited to assessment centre on the 1st of march. would really appreciate if you let me know how yours went.


Hi guys, how long ago did you complete your online assessment? I just took mine at the weekend, and haven’t heard back. Anyone know if that’s a good or bad sign? Cheers and good luck at the assessment centre!! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I had mine last Friday and it was very insightful. Challenging and tiring but I enjoyed it a lot :slight_smile: As for activities, I’m not sure I can say too much but it ranged from group work to individual with psychometric tests to start us off. I doubt I did very well but oh well~~

For the technical interview, I had a slight panic beforehand because I thought it’d be testing our mathematical abilities etc. with brainteasers (thanks, Google) but it wasn’t. They ask you questions specific to the programme you applied to and don’t worry if you don’t know too much - they’re not expecting you to know it all. Also, the interviewers are lovely :slight_smile:

Good luck guys! :slight_smile:

Btw FarahAlia, I heard the last set of assessment centres are this week and we get the results from ours next week so… uhm… =/ Not sure if you’ve missed anything there. However, I think it’s dependent on the position you’ve applied for. The ones in my assessment centre were for purchasing, quality and engineers :slight_smile:


oh no ! hopefully i haven’t missed out on anything because they only sent me an email saying i progressed to the online assessment late last week and to do it by the 27th (yesterday). It’s for Marketing so hopefully it should be fine. Plus, they wouldn’t have given me an online test if it was already too late right? Hope not! Thanks for your help :slight_smile: and good luck !!!


hey kuri, thanks for the heads up. can u ellaborate on the group work please? as in what does it involves. and what programme did u applied for?


Hey Kuri
could you please tell which psychometric tests did they take and also could be a lil more specific about group and individual activities…lol


hey just wondering if any of you recieved a call from them the day before your assessment day. because just saw a missed call from their number.



I applied for Purchasing and actually applied within the F1 Mercedes AMG HPP Division so I am not sure if we’re talking about the same assessment centres anymore.

I don’t think I am actually allowed to give away much information =/ But I can tell you that the group work was mainly enjoyable. It really was a fun day :slight_smile: The reason it was so tiring was because there were literally no real breaks throughout, it was pretty much one task after another for me simply because of the way they’d arranged my schedule.

Getting an HQ tour at the end of the day was a highlight tho, defo!

@isabelle, sorry just saw your message (must have missed it when i was reading thru earlier) either way, I don’t think I am actually allowed to disclose more than what I already said. Just do your best~
@gok4ty, how did your assessment centre go? :smiley:


@kuri. it went ok thanks. didn’t do well in the technical part tho.
any1 heard back from them yet?


Hey everyone,

I’ve got a one to one interview scheduled for next week for the HR grad scheme… Has anyone had one yet? Any advice on what questions to expect? And if i get through this, do you have to do a presentation as part of the Assesement centre? Thats what I’m the most scared of!



Information about Training Program Strategy Support , people and vendor Management were explained to us in details. Then how to progress in the industry by briefing New Training Program Development.


hello guys…i av been invited to the assessment of Mercedes f1 amg and in the email, it says i would go through a technical interview. Could anyone please give me an insight on the type of questions asked during the technical interview. Is it about engines and power-trains, mechanical questions or what? I applied for the manufacturing scheme. Thank you.


is there anyone here that went and was successful?


Hi, I attended an assessment centre on 18th Feb for 12 month undergrad placement. Was told they’ll get back to me and everyone else the following week (in or out!). its 3 weeks coming Monday. Havent heard back. Theyve been ignoring emails and calls.ANyone heard back at all?


Hello everyone!

I hope you’ll sympathize me because now I am in the same your situation a while back :slight_smile:

I have taken the Online Informed Assessment Limited (Logical Reasoning test+ Verbal Reasoning test) for a Graduate Program and now I am waiting some feedback

Do you know if the whole assessment is equal from the past years ? Can you tell me what I should expect ? some advice ?

Pleeeease help me… :smiley:

Thank you anyway !!


Hi, do you know who the provider of these tests is, is it the standard SHL ones? Thanks


Yes, it is.
How do you know it ?


Hi guys,

I’m in the same boat as domengine. I have taken my shl assessment tests the deadline was back on the 5th February.

Just wondering if anyone has heard any information back about results or potential assessment centres?