Mentoring offered (free) - IT Applications Analyst (Financial & Energy Trading)


Hi All - My name is Nickolay and I am reaching out to all people who have decided or have thought of following a career as an Application Support Analyst within. but not limited to, the Commodities or Financial trading sphere. I can offer you over 6 years of technical and business knowledge in the abovementioned fields, advise on how to get your foot in the large companies and assistance once on the job.

What you gain - A mentor who will advise and support you during your job search or once you get the job. Commitment to practical training and development.

Why I do it for free - to develop my mentoring skills and share knowledge I have acquired in the industry.

If you would like to know more, feel free to get in touch.




Hi Nickolay,

I would be interested in being mentored in my fresh path to IT analysis.

Would be pleased if you can get back with your contact details.