Mensa and CV


Hello to everyone! i would like to ask if it is good to include in the CV the fact that i am a member in mensa. I am not UK citizen so i don’t know if i will considered arrogant or something like that. tha puspdose is to demonstrate problem solving abilities and not show off. But i don’t know how it is regararded by recruiters…


I wouldn’t bother for a few reasons:

  1. You only need to be in 98th percentile for Mensa. Among top graduates such an IQ is not that rare. If you qualify for triple nine or mega societies then that would be different.

  2. Graduate jobs require specific skills that the employer will specify. IQ tests don’t measure these skills. Perhaps for a particularly technical role, where abstract reasoning is a key skill, a high IQ would suggest you may perform well in the role but the employer would be more interested to see that you have a good degree in a technical/numerate subject.

  3. The employer is likely to find it arrogant. The point of being a member of high IQ societies is to bring like minded individuals together and provide them with resources to expand their knowledge and excercise their minds. They do not exist for people to boast about a number and how that number makes them more able than others to perform in a certain role.


And unfortunately people like successful people not intelligent people despite the former involving a lot of luck in many cases. People generally feel intimidated by intelligent people while they are in awe and respect of those that are successful.


thanks for the answer Viddy… The only reason for which i was thinking to include my membership is because i have seen jobs that in their application procedure include IQ tests… so i was thinking that if they care about iq they would also like candidates with proven high iq… but anyway i think it is better not to mention it…


Oh, I know lots of firms use psychometric tests (which you will most probably ace with a high IQ) but i didn’t realise some used actual IQ tests. Just out of interest, which firms have you seen with this?

I guess in such a case putting down your proven high IQ will only help…


Actually now i remember only a dutch company (nothing to do with uk) but i think i was told the same about ING… Maybe in Holland is more common to mention it…

By the way do u know if it is also good to mention a GMAT score and if yes what is considered by most employers in UK a good score?

Thanks again


Hmm, top business schools usually require a score of at least 650-700 depending on year so I guess a score around there would be considered good. The primary purpose of the GMAT is to assess the ability of the candidate to study and pass a graduate business studies course, so I guess a good score could be indicative of business acumen and potential to suceed in business. I am certainly no expert though.


I remember in my year in industry, that someone was looking to recruit an experienced mechanical engineer and an applicant had put his IQ on his CV. It was passed around a good 20 of us in the office for our amusement, so the answer is no don’t put it in.