Medium Acc Firm or Bank?


What would be a more rewarding/better learning experience out of the two do you guys think?

I had my partner interview for PKF yesterday so waiting to hear back from that, but I also got word from HBOS that I’ll probably be invited to an assessment centre. So (I don’t know salary of PKF) but HBOS is 24k and both do ICAS

Problem is I like PKF and not sure about job security at HBOS, what do you guys think between a solid medium sized reputable accountancy firm or a bank…that seems to be in trouble?


What did you decide?

If it were me I’d do [[PKF]]- I assume you want to [[ACCA]]?


I think I want to to ACA - ICAS

CIMA is also in my mind though for some reason, PKF never went through, got to final interview but never got job.

Waiting to hear from a few places, I’ve missed 2 HBOS AC’s because of other circumstancies but have ben told there will be another one in the new year.
Waiting to hear from Tenon and a couple of local firms but it isn’t looking good on the job front for me!