Media Related Covering Letter which got me an Interview



Sorry I have had to remove this post due to some issues that I have had.

However, I would be happy to help anyone who needs a hand with a covering letter, please email me.




Hi Rebecca,

I wondered if you would be willing to send me a copy of the letter, or give me some pointers particular to media firms? I’m currently finishing off an application to Olswang and could use all the advice I can get.

My email is

Thank you


are you applying for a TC or paralegal?


Applying for a TC!


Do you need to send a covering letter with your application to Olswang?

Check this - Covering letter | WikiJob - for some general advice. Also have a look at the Olswang wiki profile - Olswang | WikiJob and interview profile - Olswang Training Contract Interview Questions | WikiJob - if you haven’t seen them already. These wikis aren’t entirely finished, but should give you some general information about your application and possibly for your interviews too.

Any information you can provide yourself, to the wikis or to this thread, about your experiences of Olswang would also be much appreciated!

Good luck!


Me too please!


Hey Rebecca, you must be totally fed up with this, but I’d love a copy of your letter as well … thank you so much in advance


I’d be grateful as well! My email address is

Thanks very much.


I would also appreciate the letter.


Rebecca, hi) 3 years since u posted this,but urgently need ur cover letter as an inspiration fo mine)


Hi Rebecca and all,

I wondered if any of you would be willing to help me on my covering letter aimed for a media law firm. Any help will be greatly appreciated