McKinsey Talent Q Assessment-URGENT HELP1



I am guessing everyone applying to McKinsey London office has received an invite to this online test.
Anyone given it yet?

  1. What is it like?-GMAT difficulty?
  2. it says its adaptable-should i practice GMAT tests?

Any adivce would be appreciated!

Many thanks!


Do the practice test they give you. I don’t think it is like gmat. I feel like it is the same as SHL tests but you have a timer for each question.


Ohkay thanks, so practicing GMAT qs would be a futile attempt.
And what exactly do they mean when they say business terminology? understanding of generic business terms?



Have you tried the practise test? I didn’t do too well and am planning on doing the real one tomorrow!


Did you do it? How was it for you? Especially verbal? I just did it very badly…


No definitely not like SHL. It’s more difficult than that. Not just True, False, Cannot Say. Also some passages are REALLY REALLY LONG.