McKinsey PST in 8 days


Just got my invitation to PST in London for next week - 20 nov.

Anybody else sitting the pst in the UK this week/next week? Hows your preparation coming along? What resources are you using?

@people who have done the test - any advice/recommendation/wisdom you’d like to share with us? How was your experience? If you could go back in time what would you do differently?

Do you have any sample/real pst’s that we could use? (other than Kosher Franks, Footloose etc. that are easily available)

Thank you!


The test is a lot of quantitative work. You’ll need to do a lot of addition and multiplication. The answers are usually in the information given but may require some maths to pull them out. Mckinsey send you a sample before your test. Study this very well and read the hints given on how to tackle the questions.


Above all, watch the time and shade in your answer after each question rather than waiting to shade in at the end. You will be provided a pencil.



Hey I have a PST in London on the 29th of November.

The resources I have been using are listed below and appear quite useful.

Case Interview - Maths (For basic arithmetic)

Consulting Case 101 (Type in the search bar “McKinsey PST”)

Consulting Guru (There is one sample test)

Also recommended purchasing a GMAT book for reading comprehension because some of the questions are comparable.

Would be great if you could give me some feedback on how your test went as mine is a week later.

Happy to discuss resources further if required.

Good luck and hope it goes well.



any information on which number of correct answer would guarantee you a ‘pass’ in the test?


After reading on various forums it seems like the general consensus is between 60-70%. But its unconfirmed.


If anyone interested in additional PST practice material and tips, PM me


very interested in the material…could u please share the same…??


Hi Dawei,
could you please provide details for practice materials you offer? Thank you