Mckinsey Insight 2011


Hi All,

Has anyone been to Mckinsey Insight programme before? How was it like? What was the whole selection procedure? Did you have to take any verbal/numeracy tests?

Sorry for bombarding you with so many questions! Hope you guys will have a good Christmas:)


Hi there!

I went to the Insight course in 2008, which was in Stresa, Italy. The application procedure was simply a covering letter and CV; there were no tests then, although things may have changed.

it was a very enjoyable course, and very similar to the GRADschool programme, if you have attended one. Lots of case study practice, and a good chance to meet current employees and potential future employees!

Good luck!


Hi, so there’s a 26 question PST - 1hr time limit.
They send you a Coaching Guide. Can anyone reccomend any other prep tools for the McKinsey PST?


Hi, I have Mckinsey fully owned subsidiary ‘Finalta’ online tests, its completely a new format of exam, involving some Excel related exams, Has anyone taken such exam before if so can you share your experience and what they look for?