McDonalds Trainee Business Manager grad scheme


Does anyone know about the McDonalds Trainee Business Manager grad scheme?


I went for McDonalds OJE on 28th of February,2012 for “Central London” Position
No Matter which region you apply for, you could be called anywhere in the UK.
I was called to Luton for attending OJE. Expect spending a lot of money on your train tickets and retain all of your tickets so that you can get reimbursement from McDonalds later but remember McDonalds wont pay for your hotel stay if you would be arriving one day earlier.

McDonalds Business Trainee is the same McDonalds crap job, the difference is only this that after six months you would be becoming an assistant branch manager and still doing the same crap job with a tie and better shirt. However the good thing is this that instead of hourly wages you would be paid a yearly salary (about £18,500/ year, dont forget to deduct taxes)

I went for attending OJE in the early morning to the branch. Luckily all of the candidates were well educated from very posh universities (even from top 10 UK universities). About 20 candidates were divided in three groups. We are asked to pretty much every thing in the branch (counters, cleaning, making burgers, cleaning even in parking and drive-in roads/dustbins).

After rigorous operational exercise, we were individually interviewed.
Questions were easy competency based regarding past job.

We also had to write a reply to a dummy complain letter from a customer. In that it was stated “Burgers were not available, credit card machine was not working and McDonalds should not charge 20p extra for dip-in sauce”

Then we did a group exercise. We were given a case study and we had to discuss that how the staff of the branch and sales could be improved considering scenario given in the case study.

All of us were dead tired, few of us were having headaches and pain in whole body after OJE. Even then many of the people got rejected at OJE and those of candidates who cleared the OJE (results were given after one week) refused to give final interview to the operational manager of McDonalds.

McDonalds is a dream killer, save yourself if you can adjust yourself somewhere else.


I totally agree with me_saleemi I found the entire trainee business manager scheme to be a total joke.

Trust me you are better saving your time and not applying, try for a job that you actually want to do. Here are my reasons for this:

  1. When I went on my OJE I was informed that I would be required to work up to 50 hours a week, including every single bank holiday for £18,500 per year. The shifts would include many unsocial hours I could be asked to work evenings and nights at short notice.

£18,500 a year for 50 hours a week is equal to about £7.70 per hour, it is definately not worth the stress and reputation of the job for that amount.

Minimum wage is £6.19, and would much rather for example work in a supermarket then at McDonalds.

  1. They can ask you to work at any store in the region, this means that you will have to leave all your friends and family which was not that much of an issue for me as I have already been to uni, and done that.

But what was an issue for me is that after 6 months training, and you have finally got settled in the area you will be required to move again to another store within 100 miles.

Then they can ask you to move whenever they want after that to any where within 1 hours drive. Meaning that potential you could be constantly moving from one McDonalds to another.

  1. It could take more then 5 years to become a Business manager, that seems like a long time.

  2. This may sound a bit snobby but having worked in McDonalds myself part time as a crew member in the past I think i have a right, when you are 30 years old do you really want to be telling people that you work as a mcdonalds manager, thats kinda embarrassing, your children will have to grow up with that stigma and it will be embarrassing for them also.

  3. I feel that I could have coped with all the earlier issues and in many ways embraced them but the main reason why I would not want the job is that they want someone who is prepared to be hated by everyone they work with.

When I went for my OJE the guy that did it explained that a McDonalds should be run like the military with lots of discipline, what a joke.

When I was asked one question about how I would mange I answered explaining that I think empathy is important as a manger, he seemed far from impressed by this.

No wonder McDonalds has such a high staff turnover.

Basically I would recommend any job over this, I would rather be a mcdonalds crew member then a trainee business manager to be totally honest.

Taking this job would mean that your degree was a total waste of time.


The above two comments really do surprise me. They paint a picture of young graduates expecting to have their life handed to them on a plate, just because you have a degree does by no means mean a high-flying job should be just expected to come knocking at your door. I am in my third year of my marketing degree and am looking into this position. £7.70 is a good wage, its a wage for christs sake! So many graduates cant get part time jobs, nevermind full time salary-paid graduate schemes that actually teach you about business. You keep going on about the reputation of McDonald’s. If you are that shallow to base the whole reputation of a multinational company worth billions on the spotty crew member who serves you, then I really do pity you. Head office Mcdonalds in London is an amazing place, and not one of the very intellegent and very rich staff there cares about the reputation of the company people like you have, because in business terms, McDonalds has a very impressive reputation indeed. It was one of the few companies that showed growth during two recessions. In today’s society, a commute to work is common, if you expect your dream job to pop up in your back garden then youre limiting yourself very much indeed. One of my friend’s parents worked for McDonalds and she was never embarrassed, she went to private school, holidayed 4 times a year and lived in an amazing country home, whereas my dad does a mundane job in a factory and my mum works in banking. Comparing my life to my friends, I know who’s laughing! If you actually explored, most stores have a close-knit atmosphere and that is why they become such a success. Many crew members aspire to the managers and work hard because promotion is so easy to get promoted with such a company. It seems as if you weren’t the right candidate for the job and have taken to the internet to express your fustration with a company you initially saw fit to apply to.


Above were just guides to “What happens in an OJE”
We are not moaning about McDonald’s reputation over here. If we had to do something like that, probably we would have been talking about scandals(like the horse meat or employee abuse in detail). What we are talking about is the Modern Slavery which is very much prevalent in UK. UK was already affected because of US recession, EuroZone crises, now add bad governance to it as well.

Just like McDonalds, neither the HedgeFunds, investment banks or Equity Firms care about you and me. They also show us impressive graphs and then run away with their bonuses living no fuel in the economy.

What we are talking about is the quality of life of people who are highly educated and have years of business experience. There is a shortage of white collar jobs to be honest in UK. If you just want to stay in UK, probably you would do anything like McDonalds (even if you hold an awesome university degree), some others would even suggest to become an escort to their entire family and keep on laughing on others.

My argument is only this that if you are highly educated like I mentioned from one of the top notch universities of UK. Why not to focus on a proper career instead of just looking at a job (in short run.) Why to look down? Good is always not good when better is expected.

When the same guy can make £7,000 per month in Singapore, Malaysia or UAE, without sacrificing his career, he should definitely just move towards it.

If you think that becoming just an area manager is all you want to do in your lifetime. Kindly do not preach others to do the same.


Having read my comment 2 years on I can understand where lewissaxon1 is coming from. I do sound a bit like an arrogant graduate expecting to walk into a highly paid job.

However, I did write my comment as an honest review of the day. And my opinion on the graduate scheme has not changed.

Much of what lewissaxon1 said however did seem misinformed so I would be interested in hearing if he did apply for the position and attend the OJE if his opinion has changed regarding the graduate scheme.
I am confident it will have, once he was better informed of what the job actually involved.

I am not bitter at all about McDonalds wasting my time with the application process and OJE, as it helped me to decide like me_saleemi said that I want a career not just any old job. It pushed me towards choosing my current career which I am more than happy with.

I say this with no vested interest, I would not recommend this position to anybody, unless it has changed significantly in the last couple of years.


WELL SAID tidaz. ThankYou for seconding me.