I am doing a Btech in Computer Science and am in the 3rd year. I have to start applying for postgrad colleges next year and I am very confused. I have set my mind on not wanting to continue in technical field and therefore am not looking for a job. I know MBA programs require work experience exception India, I recently started looking into MSc in Management or Marketing in Europe and even though it looks like a good option, I am not sure if the job market is equally good. I am very sure I want a job after my masters degree, so what do you think will be a better option? MBA in India or Msc in Management in Europe. Also what will be the average salary for both?


Hi Anisha,

I am glad you asked this question. There is a definite reason for MBA programs requiring experience, because in most of the MBA programs students discusses case studies and do project works using their past experience. I believe you are thinking of changing your stream from IT to Marketing or management. Again, you can do these courses abroad such as UK or USA, but I must say that the job market is really tough out here. Companies give more preference to work experience than degrees and marks (exception being Fortune 100), and a lot of undergraduate students join graduate programs or start as an intern (with no pay) in the UK. If you are planning to take a marketing course abroad I would sincerely advise you to take an internship as soon as you join a course. I am sure professors will not be happy with your decision, but that’s the only way you can ensure job guarantee after graduating. Or other option is to do online assessments and apply for graduate programs (but the competition is really high). Average Salary depends on what type of role you are looking for, but starting salary for any graduate level role in the UK is (£18-25K). I would also suggest you to join a marketing agency in India to get some real work experience rather than just applying for PG courses.