Mazars LLP

Does anyone have any experience of interviewing here?
Also, what kind of reputation does this firm generally have?


Great firm!! Are you through to an interview with them? There selection process is similiar to the big 4 in that they have a number of intterviews including AC.


I took my online tests around 2 weeks ago and they haven’t go back to me yet. Is this normal? I was thinking about giving them a call on Monday, I’m pretty sure I did well on the tests and would like to set up and interview if possible…


Aqua786 - Yes I do have an interview with them. Why do you say ‘great firm?’ Are there any advantages to working here rather than a big 4 firm?

lukeb - I think that is normal. I had to wait a couple of weeks to hear back but I would still give them a call to find out what is going on.


One advantage of working at Mazars rather than a big4 is the pay (at least in France): the pay is better at Mazars than at the big4 because they want to attract talent that would rather go to the big4 than to their company.
Now try to explain this to a recruiter in an appropriate way!


Good to hear, thanks for that. Was concerned that they’d forgotten about me!

With regards to your question, I think I remember reading somewhere that they won one of those ‘large firms of the year’ type awards recently. I don’t think they’re hugely well known, but they seem to be a firm with a growing reputation. Good luck with your interview.


I took my online tests over a week ago, and I don’t think they went to badly, so hopefully they are just very slow, at replying after online tests


I’ve been waiting over a month; they are ‘‘very’’ slow.


hey, I was waiting for just over two weeks, after I had done the tests, then out of the blue, I got a telephone call saying someone had cancelled, and could i come in for an interview the next morning. I think they don’t automatically tell you if you have passed or failed the tests


They don’t automatically tell you… I had to wait three weeks or so before they called me to tell me I’d passed and to arrange an interview.


Yeah, I had to wait a while to hear from Mazars after doing my test.

Did the first round interview.

There was a short case study (unrelated to accountancy), about school dinners. You were given ten minutes to read this and then ask to pick out the key causes and effects, and just give a basic summary.

The interview itself was ok - competency based, with a few questions about why Mazars, why accountancy etc. No real commercial awareness was needed.

Anyway, as it happens, I got through to the next round, and have a “recruitment day” next Monday.

I’ll let you know what that day is like


HI Futuremillionaire, i have a 1st round interview coming up soon. Any tips? And do they get back to you promptly to say whether you are through to the next round?

Also, how was the final round assessment day?



hi, I’ve got 1st round interview coming up as well. can you give a little more info on hte case study? do you need to know any technical terms? or just need to use common sense? is it similar to “group exercise” scenarios or “presenation” scenarios you have at A/C’s?



Hey guys,

The first round interview begins by you being given 5 mins to read the case study. Essentially this case study is a news article, not very long and on a topical issue. Its not too taxing to read. After you’ve read it, your interviewer returns to the room and basically asks you to summarise it, assess the different arguments involved and then you provide your opinion, asking questions around the article for about 10 mins. There isnt too much difficulty involved and is really a test of common sense and logical thinking. If you’re really worried and want to practise, I reccommend going to the BBC News website, picking a topical issue article from there and just going through it either with a friend or individually, drawing arguments and summaries from it.

After that parts finished you continue with just a normal competency interview. This was quite laid back for me, but I imagine that it depends on who interviews you. As for when Mazars get back to you, from my experience they don’t really. The organisation is impressive, but letting you know whether you’re through to the next stage or not is not their strong point. If you’ve been successful you can expect a phone call inviting you to a specific assessment centre.

Hope that helps


Just though I’d share a story about my first interview with Mazars to lighten the mood during these dark days of “The Job Hunt”.

I was directed towards the interview room by the secretary at Mazars and given an article to read through and questions to prepare for. The article was about childhood obesity and what role schools have in determining kids’ diets. The article was straightforward and the questions were designed to allow for plenty of discussion. I was feeling confident by the end of my preparation time and looking forward to arguing my case. In walked the interviewer. She was the fattest woman I have seen since visiting America two years ago. In that moment all my prepared answers were worthless as they were pretty critical of fat people in general. The following discussion about the article was probably the most challenging I have ever experienced in an interview. After that I learnt to be prepared for the unexpected.


Hey guys!

I have just passed the first round for Mazars does anyone know what is involved in the second round? What are the written tests about?



Hi Lilly

How was the second round? (assuming you’ve already done it)

Also, could you also post your thoughts on the 1st round interview? Did it basically follow the format as described by the above posters? What was your topic for the analytical exercise?

Much appreciated!


To those who have attended a Mazars assessment day - your thoughts and experiences would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!


Hello, thought I’d share some experiences with you guys.

I attended the assessment day at Mazars and have just received an offer from them to start in September this year. My experience with them have been nothing but good so far! I know that some people have said that they were slow but with me they were very prompt. I heard back from my online test very quickly and received a response from my first interview within a day.

My first interview with them is probably a little different from everyone else, because I am living abroad they gave me a telephone interview. The assessment day started at 8.45am in their office in London. My group was quite small with only 7 people. It started off with coffees and chatter, meeting some current managers who were our couriers for the day. Then off to the partner interview. My partner was very nice and asked me lots of questions about my experiences. He also had some competency questions on a check list that he felt he had to ask but seemed a lot more interested in my travels and hobbies.

The group exercise is relatively straightforward. We had a scenario that we had to make a group decision on. We had about 15mins to read and think about it and then 30mins to talk about and come to a decision. I don’t it is vital what we decided just that everyone participated. I think the most important thing is to make sure that you express your views but at the same time listen to what everyone else is saying. You need to be able to persuade others to your point of view but also notice when others have a good point.

After that came the intray exercise. Some other companies will do this electronically but with Mazars it was all hand written on paper. There were 3 exercises to do, basic emails, what you have to do, prioritise them, making programs and answering a memo. The task itself was not hard but the time limit was very difficult to keep to. For those who are nervous about this, I thought I did absolutely awful on this task. For the first one I hardly wrote anything yet I got an offer somehow. So I think it’s not absolutely vital you do perfectly on this. If i could do it again I would just make sure to write down everything as quickly as you can. They can’t mark what’s in your head and not on the paper.

After this was a buffet lunch and more talk with partners and managers. The formal assessment of the day was over and the rest of the afternoon was spent finding out more about the firm, the training scheme and working culture etc. This was very useful and Mazars seem like a very good place to work in. I went to an assessment day at a Big4 firm and they didn’t bother giving any information whatsoever. It was almost like they knew they were so big and successful that they didn’t need to tell you anything, you’re just expected to know. Mazars answered any individual questions we had, they invited a tutor from the training college to give a talk on the exams and we could even write down any questions we felt uncomfortable to vocalise. I received an offer in the post within 2weeks.


hi everyone,

I have an AC with Mazars on wednesday in the London office. I was wondering if anyone had any up to date experience here? Anyone having attented…are there any commercial awareness question in the partner interview as there weren’t any in the first interview? Also how does the In tray exercise differ from the computerised E-trays of the big four?

Any other relevant information will be greatly appreciated!