Mazars Tax Interview Help 2015 Intake

Mazars LLP


Was recently successful in my first round interview with Mazars for Tax 2015 and noticed that only audit questions had been postd so I thought I’d lend a hand.

The interview starts with an article (mine was on overconsumption of sugar) and you are left to read this article and make relevant notes (based on guiding questions provided) for 10 mins after which the interview then asks a few questions. Advice I’d give here is try to think about an innovative, realistic solution that considers as many stakeholders as possible,

We then progressed to the competency part of the interview. I was asked:
Why did I choose my uni? Why did I choose my course? Why Tax? What I knew about the ACA? Example of where I’d worked as a team? When have my plans/aims failed and what I learnt as a result of them failing? When I’ve been let down by a team member and what did I consequently do and what would I do differently? Difficulties Mazars are facing and what can Mazars do to overcome these difficulties/challenges? (I’d be really specific here and try to think of Mazars as whole, not just Tax)

Also, try your best to build a rapport with the interviewer!! I think I let myself down on some of my answers in hindsight, but I really got on with the interviewer and it really highlights your interpersonal skills!

Good luck!