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Hi Zulfkal.
You confirmed the offer with Mazars Int’l in the Middle east? if so. Can you please describe the recruitment process from the time you applied for the training program till the time you received the offer? If possible all in details; applicatin form process, tests, question types, interview questins, etc
I think it will be much useful for those who want to work for Mazars International.
thanks a ton!


Sorry Londonbloke, I was very busy in writing my MSc dissertation. Just submitted yesterday. The process for Mazars UAE is quite simple not complex like other firm in UK

  1. Sent my CV to UAE office
  2. First interview by Mr. Graham from Management in 3 days- Normal competency based questions
  3. Partner interview - approx 10 days after sending CV - couple of questions from share pricing + some competency based
  4. submitted scan copies of certificates
  5. offer (approx 2 1/2 weeks)
  6. waiting for UAE visa in Pakistan. Mazar applied on 06/Aug/2008 delayed both of us don’t know why. hope fully some time after Eid.

That is all. Good luck