Mazars - Graduate Scheme. Does anyone have any experience?


I have just received an offer from Mazars for audit. I was wondering if anyone has worked for them? Know anyone who has? Have any information on what it’s like to work there? For example what you get with their package? Training, holidays etc.

Any information is greatly appreciated. If anyone would like to know what the process from application to offer is like, then feel free to ask me any questions.



Hi Zaza, I want to apply to Mazars UAE office? Do i apply on their website using the Spontaneous Application Form or are there other ways? Seing the u posted your msg almost a year ago… did you take up the offer? Would really be thankful if you guided me through the app stage.

I’m looking at submitting my Mazars application this week. Congrats on the job offer!

hi fmsaid i don’t know about applying to other offices. i think for the UK it’s under one thing but abroad it’s a bit different. i’d call up the HR department of the UEA offices to ask specifically.

Any ideas of the starting salary for audit at Mazars?

Hi Zazza,

Well done on your offer…

Did you get asked anything on your commerical awareness during the interview?

Can you remember what competencies were asked?


Hey graduatej,

Did you have your interview with Mazars? How did it go? Do you remember any of the competencies you are asked about? How did you find the analytical exercise? Any commercial awareness questions?

I’ll have my interview this week and I cannot find much info here on wiki.

Any help will be really useful


Hey guys,

First of all thanks for providing info on the Mazars Application process, I recently received an offer from them to start in September 2010 for the Audit training scheme.

Now I know that Mazars does not sponsor work permits, and being an international student, I am currently on what is known as the Tier 1 PSW (post study work) which entitles me to work and stay in the UK till January 2012. I was wondering whether Mazars would assist me in extending my visa after this date or will I have to do it myself. If anyone has had experience of this before please advice me accordingly.

Additionally if you want any information regarding the application process at Mazars I would be happy to help.


Hi arsal888,

Congrats on recieving an offer!

I’m not too sure about your question sorry, but I was wondering if you could help me.

I have my assessment day coming up soon for audit and was hoping you could share your experience?

I wanted to know more about the partner interview - what sort of q’s are there? compentency based? Is there much on commercial awareness?

Thank you in advance

Firstly goodstuff on getting to the recruitment day, i believe the first round with the analytical exercise is actually harder than the recruitment day.

So abt the partner interview, you are not required to noe that much commercial awareness but some will always be useful. Firm knowledge is crucial to success, so some recommended topics to read would be:

  1. mazars top ranking in the audit satisfaction survey
  2. mazars weiser ( partenership with the US firm)

generally a bit of news that happened recently which you could talk about is the goldman sachs case happening right now and its repercussions on the financial services industry.

questions are mostly competency based mostly revolve around teamwork and situations in teamwork for e.g when a person opposed your idea etc.

there was also questions around planning, organisation and problem solving e.g bringing new ideas to the table

overall enjoy the day theyre very nice and want to help u get in.

Lemme noe how u get along then.

Hi arsal888,

Just wanted to say congratulations on receiving an offer for working at Mazars. This is my first ever post on Wikijob and I was wondering if you can help me out a little. I have passed through to first interview stage for Audit at Mazars and I was wondering what sort of questions you were asked in your interview, if you can remember that would be great help.

Many thanks

hi financier_50,

could you provide me some details on how your first interview went please?


Well my first round interview was meant to be next Monday however I turned up a week early. I would have just gone back next week but Gemma who was doing my interview kindly had a free hour so conducted it there and then. However, I think the turning up a week early will go against me. Otherwise the London Office looked amazing and everyone I met was really nice. We shall see.

How did your interview go?

Had my assessment day recently. Any chance I may have seen you?

Tara x

Hi guys,

So has anyone out there actually started their graduate scheme with Mazars?

I’m curious to find out what life is like working there and what kind of support and pay one gets…

Zaza, did you take the offer?


Hi everyone.

I have an assessment day for Mazars coming up on Monday and was just wondering if anyone had experienced one recently and what it was like. What is the group discussion on? And with the partner interview, what kind of questions did they ask? Was it along the same lines as the first round interview and how much commercial awareness stuff did they ask?

I have also heard that the in-tray exercise is particularly tough. Is this true? And finally, anyone have any ideas what the starting salary is (outside of London)?

From my first interview they seem like a really nice, genuine, good firm to work for so I kind of hope I do ok.

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey madchaz4 I’m in the same boat you were in

what was the group exercise about?..and was the partner interview commercial awareness or competency?


Hi guys

I had an assessment day last week.
It started at 9 a.m. with the partner interview, who has a list of competency-based questions to ask you. It’s really straightforward, same type as the first interview. But I found it much more interesting as the partner is really interested about your background and asks a lot of questions about your experience.
Then you go on with the in-tray exercises with the other candidates of the assessment day (we were six). You have 4 different exercises based on the same scenario: the organization of a marketing conference.
The first exercise deals with the selection of the tasks to do in urgency or with importance. You have to read 14 documents (mails, letters, invoices, programs…) and to assess whether something has to be done and at which level of importance.
The second exercise is the setting up of the whole conference program.
The third one is the choice of the menu in respect with a given budget. Some calculations have to be done but it’s really easy.
Then the fourth exercise is the writing of a memo inviting the managers to come to the conference (you have 20 minutes to do it).
You have one hour and a half to do the in-tray.
Then you continue with the team exercise. At this time, two people from the HR come into the room to observe you. The scenario dealt with people trapped in a cave. We are the rescuing committee and we have to decide the people we will save first. For each person trapped in the cave, we have a some details about his or her life, age…
Finally, the last exercise is a short presentation. The HR people said that we had to chose a subject in which we were involved or that we like. You have 5 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes to present. It takes place with the other candidates and the two persons of HR are still observing you. Other candidates can ask questions on the presentations.
It ended with a lunch buffet during which you can speak with people from tax or audit departments. So at 14:30 p.m. it was finished.

Hope it will help!

Hallo Nadaz,

Thanks for sharing your assessment day experience! :slight_smile: I have an assessment centre in London on the 12th of June, and this will really help in my preparation for it! I hope you get/got some good news from them!! :slight_smile: