Mazars Graduate Scheme 2015

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This forum thread is for people applying for graduate roles at Mazars (any country), to ask questions about the company, job applications and the interview and assessment process. Your contributions are much appreciated!


Hi, everyone,

I’ve been offered a role on Mazars’ audit graduate scheme (outside of London) and was wondering if anyone has been on the scheme and could tell me how my salary might progress as I progress through the exams?

I’ve searched a variety if sources but really can’t find any indication, so any assistance would be very much appreciated.

And if anyone needs any knowledge of the recruitment process I’m more than happy to help.




Congratulations on your offer.

Did you manage to find out a rough idea of the pay?



London graduates earn £24,500 and regional grads earn £19,500. Decent other compensation and Time off in lieu is generous. I racked up around 12 days of TOIL in 8 months.

Source: am a Mazars graduate.

Also I wouldn’t be surprised if salaries next year are about £1000 higher.

Progression is roughly 24.5-27-33-42 (in London). Qualified earn between 40-45k so that 42 is effectively average after 3 years.

I would add that the firm is great and I think they do offer a good work life balance.