Mazars Graduate Programme 2019


Congrats and thanks for the details on assessment centre. Wondering what was written task all about?


Anyone here has received verbal offer got their application status on Career portal changed to anything? like “offer accepted” sort of thing?


Did you receive a verbal offer? Which office/role did u apply for?


Hi could help me with the numerical at mazars AC ? How do you think I should prepare for it. ? I have heard it is quite harder then the initial online numerical test ?


Absolutely not. I’ve done it myself and it is not much harder at all. Just be prepared to read slightly more information that you had to read for the online tests, when answering questions.


Cheers mate, written part was just an email.
I think it would be unfair to detail the specifics of each questions on this forum as it would put others who do not use this forum at a disadvantage, but at the same time I also feel I have provided enough valuable information already for anyone to pass this assessment centre with ease! Go by whatever i’ve mentioned on this forum and I think you’ll do well!
Good Luck!