Mazars Graduate Programme 2019


As there are a few different old topics, let’s make this one as a most recent one. I’m planning to apply for Grant Thornton, BDO and Mazars, just to have safe options in case I don’t get the offer within Big 4. My grades are not so great, so I have to differentiate.

Applications are open and the deadline for September 2019 vacancies is18th November 2018.

For Mazars the application process is:
Online Application Form
Online Testing and Application Screening
First interview
Assessment Centre

Please share with us your experience and any tips that you may have. I couldn’t find a lot about Mazars’ entire application process. However, some friends told me that the process is similar to EY? I’ll regularly update this post so that we have the most important information on top.


Any updates here? I’m planning to apply next week.


I’ve currently finished the online application, I was wondering if anyone has done the online assessments; if so how were they?

Also does anyone know the format of the tests?


I just applied today for audit apprentice london . Im currently using assessmentday to practice . Id leave my feedback here after completing it in the next couple of days.


Hi guys, anyone would share their experiences about Mazars telephone interview?


Hey mate,

I got an offer elsewhere but usually telephone interviews usually are just about basic competencies like when have you worked in a team, project etc.

They may also ask if you can explain some business scenarios.

So just have some current affairs info ready.

Feel free to pm me if you need help preparing answers.


anyone else got an AC on 27th in london?



When you say they ask if you can explain some business scenarios, what exactly do you mean?

I would pm for help, but I can’t seem to find the envelope button next to your username!



Is anyone going to the AC in Manchester tomorrow?


Hi, is anyone still waiting for an AC date? I passed the telephone interview in mid-October and was told when they have a date for an AC they’ll let me know. I’m starting to think they’ve lost my details!


Hi, same situation here. I passed the interview beginning of Nov and still waiting.

I sent them an email and they told me they are still sorting things out because of the high number of applicants.

What did you apply for?


Hi, what stream did you apply for and how was the ac?
I’m waiting for an AC in Manchester but haven’t been informed of one yet


Hey guys, anyone done an AC yet? Have an AC coming up soon and would really appreciate some advice/tips…


hi tlm - there are a couple of group discussions on the day, a presentation and one coaching interview. I’m prepping for it too with the help of some offer holders - DM me and I could probably give you details of how i’m prepping for it!


Hi All,

I have completed the assessment centre with Mazars and have been made an offer. There were 5 main activities on the day. The activities were as follows:

  1. Introductory Ice-Breaker session with all 12 candidates present (not assessed)
  2. Presentation+Interview with a partner/senior manager
  3. Office Tour
  4. Group Discussion on a business scenario
  5. Numerical/Written assessment

There were 12 candidates at my AC (a mix of school leavers, placement students and mostly graduates) so I’m guessing it doesn’t matter which role or location you apply for, the AC format will probably all be the same. Each candidate is called separately/as a group of 4 or 5 (depending on the activity of course) to complete the activities.

If you’d like any further advice on the assessment centre or application process, please feel free to get in touch! Honestly it isn’t as daunting as you think it may be, just be honest, engaging with fellow applicants and ensure you’ve done your research on Mazars thoroughly before attending and know why you would like to work for Mazars personally.

Hope this helps to ease your worries a little!


congratulations on getting an offer with Mazars.

I am wondering if you could provide a bit more information of the assessment centre please?

What is the presentation about and do you just present to one manager who is going to be doing the interview with you?

With the interview, are the questions competency based (why do you want to work at Mazars?) or strength based? or a mix?

For the group discussion, is it just a normal scenario and we have to provide our suggestions?

IS the written/numerical assessment like the online tests we have done before ? Or is it different?

many thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, have you received your paperwork yet? I was just wondering how long it’ll take between receiving a verbal offer to receiving the actual paperwork/contract.


Hi, I was made a verbal offer on Monday so i’m now waiting for the paperwork to arrive. They mentioned in the phone that they would get the contract posted out so I’m assuming i’ll receive itin next week or two.


Hi there,

Thank You! The presentation was about the most exciting innovations in the industry, can be absolutely anything to be honest but I would recommend tailoring it to your chosen service line (e.g. TAX - presentation could be about making tax digital in the near future). The presentation is quite informal and takes place in the first 5 mins of the interview. You’ll get a candidate pack briefing you on all this if you make it to the AC.
The interview itself is very relaxed and the interviewer will ask you a range of strength based questions where you may be asked to ‘talk about a time when …’ or ‘what would you do if’ or ‘how would you reply to’ type of scenarios. I would recommend practising the main strength and competency based questions that employers are known to ask.

The assessments were quite easy, I actually finished them early but you are given 30-35 minutes to complete about 10-12 numerical questions and 1 written task. They were similar to the ones online but slightly harder, there was a lot more content to each question that you had to read to understand to be able to answer the questions so take your time to read all the information properly but also bring a watch to watch time. I would recommend completing numerical ones first before doing the written one as many people wasted time on the written task and lost marks as they did not manage to finish all 10 numerical questions. Remember, they can’t mark you on what isn’t there!

Group discussion was just an investment decision and you had 4-5 different options available with a budget, you must decide as a group which one is the best and why? Relate it all back to Mazars values, make sure you contribute meaningfully to the debate, encourage quieter people to speak by calling out their name and asking for their opinion on something, maintain eye contact with each other and be decisive! Don’t let other sway your view but at the same time, don’t be too dominant.

Hope this helps!


Hi there,

Very helpful that you have explained. But I think before any type of job interview we should try mock test for better results.