Mazars Grad 2021

Hi, just started a thread to see if any one else has applied to Mazars and how you’re progressing.

Got a phone interview tomorrow, does anyone have any tips or how to prep? M&A manchester. Would much appreciate it :slight_smile:

Just have an industry topic ready, and expect a follow up question. Prepare for the 4 competencies mentioned in the email (if you’ve received it).


I have been notified that I have been progressed to the AC stage and I am awaiting a date to be confirmed.

Have you received an AC date yet?

Nah still waiting mate, was notified that i passed on friday

Any news with AC dates?

Did you have the chance to talk to current trainees after you found out you passed the phone interview?

Nope hbu?

No news of a date yet but sure we will be notified soon. We will probably get the chance to speak to current trainees once we are updated about the AC date!


Just confirmed my AC date for the 6th December in London. Have you guys heard back?

Nope nothing yet, but im for manchester role

Nope. What role did you apply to btw?

Business Analyst you?

Applied to tax

Have you had a chance to talk to the current trainees?

I’ve just emailed them requesting a time slot to speak to a current trainee. When you get the email confirming the AC there is information in that email regarding organising a time to speak to a current grad if you wish.

Anyone got an AC in London December 18th?

How was the AC?

Not me