Mazars first round interview

Mazars LLP

Hey guys
I have received the mazars first round interview invitation.I just wounder what kind of question I can expect.
Did anyone finish the interview can offer some tip and tell me the detailed question they ask?
I applied for financial planing.
Many thanks in advance



I just got an interview with them for the same role two. How did your interview go? Could you give me some tips on how to prepare and what type of questions they asked please?

Many Thanks!!



I would also appreciate input, got a first round interview on Monday


Yours will be before mine so let’s just pray we can get help before then!

Have they sent you an email confirming the details of the interview yet? All I have received is a phone call but nothing else!



Can anyone help??

I have a first round interview tomorrow!



hi guys, how long does it take for them to get back after completion of the online tests? I did them last week and have not heard from them yet…


Hi guys,
Sorry for late reply

Basicly the first round inetrview I had was what has been described before mostly

Short case study - newspaper article style passage, one A4 page on a topical issue with an instruction sheet. read over it and extract key points, the instruction sheet tells you what it’s looking for so it’s common sense really (I haven’t heard if I passed yet so I’m assuming it’s common sense)

Then my interviewer went over her questions with me, writing everything down (so it was hard to tell if I was talking nonsense)
After about 10 mins the interview changed to a more normal competency based interview, tell me about a time…etc
I can’t remember specific q’s but it was along the lines of why Mazars, why audit, why did you go to X uni, what did you get from it, why audit, dealing with change etc etc

If you have done a competency interview before you will have experience of what to expect.

I’m still waiting to hear back so good luck folks, anymore q’s give me a shout.


Thank you very much for your help!!

You’re a star!!

…Wishing you all the best with the rest of the recruitment process!!


…To topcat: …it took them over a week to get back to me!!

All the best!


thanks funke123!
I completed my online tests about one and a half week ago and have yet to hear anything! Should i be worried?


Hey! I don’t think there’s anything to worry about - they are EXTREMELY slow!!

Just out of interest which other firms should I be looking at for a similar role in Financial planning?? …or any links with similar roles for young graduates??

Any help from anyone on this page would be much appreciated!!



same question as funke123
have you heard back from them after ur interview. they told me next FEW days@_@ Did you apply other company for financial planing?


She got back 2 me on the same day!

I was unsuccessful :frowning:

I haven’t applied for any other similar roles - any suggestions??

What firms have you looked at?? And what roles??


sorry to hear that!mate @_@ this is their loss. lol!
Which office did you apply to?Was your interviewer manager as well??they seems never so effective.
I applied for most IB and got some interviews in this and next months. front office to back office role
I just am so interested about the financial planing role this is why I applied for mazars.


I applied to the London office and had a first interview with Gaye Marlow the graduate recruiter!

Mazars do seem quite cool but Ah well!!

Well, I’m wishing you all the best in your upcoming interviews!!


Any ideas of the starting salary for audit at Mazars?



Anyone had a first round interview with Mazars for Audit? Could you please tell which competencies are they looking for? Any tricky questions?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.


It seems quite a few people have had their first round interview with Mazars.
I’d be grateful if you could mention any of the competencies they were after for audit? And generally how it went.
Many thanks!


I got Tax Complier interview at Edinburgh office soon, can someone give me tips for this ? Thanks


Anyone experienced a telephone interview with Mazars ?