Mazars First Round Interview- Audit 2016 Intake

Mazars LLP


Hi :slight_smile:
So I passed the Mazars online tests just over 3 weeks ago and they said they’d contact me soon with an interview date but I still haven’t heard anything. Has anyone else applied/did it take them this long to get back to you? And also any tips for the interview would be fab! Thank you :slight_smile:


I think it took 10 days for them to come back to me about an interview. Just get in touch with the graduate recruitment team, they’re usually pretty prompt at replying.

As for the interview, the analytical exercise isn’t too bad. Try to bring as much external knowledge that you know about the topic into the conversation - I noticed that my interviewer hardly wrote anything down apart from when I came up with ideas/reasons/justifications from my outside knowledge.

The competency-based interview for me was based around leadership, being adaptable, having good interpersonal skills, working under pressure. Make sure you ask questions at the end!! I thought my interview on the whole went quite badly but she seemed impressed with the questions that I’d asked at the end as she got a chance to talk about her previous work and her interests, etc. for a good 5 minutes. I think that’s what passed me!


Hi HD, how long do you have to prepare for the analytical exercise? And what was it about if you dont mind me asking? thanks!


10 minutes. I managed to jot down some notes for all but one of the points that my interviewer said she would be questioning me on so it should be enough time


how long did you wait before you heard back? Also how long is your wait before the assessment day?


I heard back about 2 hours after! My assessment day is next Friday and I think I booked it at the end of last week.


Thanks a lot for sharing your experience, it is very helpful. I have a first interview next week, could you share more about the analytical exercise and how did you prepare for it?
Thanks in advance.


I didn’t really prepare for the analytical exercise in advance - I concentrated more on the interview. I think just be aware of what’s happening in the news (don’t frantically read every article you come across, just browse over them so you get an idea of what problems organisations are facing and what ideas there are to solve them). Apart from that, the rest is just down to what you think of once you read the article in your interview. Best of luck!


Thanks a lot for your reply.
Additionally, could you let me know how long is the competency based interview and number of questions they ask? Are the questions purely competency based or do they test business awareness, resilience,etc…?
Thanks for your time in advance.


Hey! What test provider do Mazars use and any tips on passing them?


Sorry for the late reply, I have had a busy weekend! The interview itself was probably 30-40 mins. I was asked around 6 or 7 questions, and they were purely competency-based. Just make sure you have examples for all the common competencies, i.e. communication, teamwork, leadership, flexibility, adaptability, working under pressure/on multiple tasks… (I can’t specifically remember the questions I was asked anymore!!) some others have been asked why Mazars/why your business area/why ACA/what do you know about ACA (or whichever qualification you are opting to do), but I was asked none of these!


PSL/Kenexa. The tests aren’t particularly challenging, it’s just the time restraint that you need to get used to. The best advice that I can give is buy an online test pack and just practice the tests over & over to get familiar with how to analyse the graphs/charts/tables, etc. I bought the assessmentday pack with literally all the types of tests you could dream of included. I practiced each numerical/verbal about 4 or 5 times in the end. With the verbal reasoning, always read the question before skimming the passage,- that way you can usually pick out the relevant few lines the first time you read through it. Practice should help you more easily identify the statements which should be selected as ‘Cannot Say’. These are typically statements including words like ‘never’ or ‘always’, etc. Also, if the statement starts with ‘The passage states/suggests that…’ the answer will always be either True or False, it will never be Cannot Say (as you have the passage in front of you, you can make an absolute decision)


Thanks a lot! I’ve got the assessment day pack so id practice loads before I apply :slight_smile:


Hi HD! Thanks a lot for all the advice, I got through the Interview. Have you attended an AC?
Thanks in advance.


Hey HD, I have my first round interview this week - I was wondering what questions you asked at the end? i would be so grateful if you could help :slight_smile: thank you


Hi mancgrad28, I am actually in the same position myself. They sent me an email informing that this is a busy period for them and they are trying to sort out dates for 1st round interviews and will get back to me as soon as they are able to schedule a suitable date.