Mazars - audit - first round interview for Aug/Sept 2014 start

Mazars LLP


Hey guys,

I have just been offered (and booked) a first round interview with Mazars for audit on this Monday. Does anybody know what to expect or has anybody had an interview yet?



Yeah they have a unique first interview format.

The first section involves a piece of news. You’ll be given a news piece (full 1-page A4) to read and take notes in 10 minutes. Then the interviewer will ask questions such as: who are the stakeholders, what are the problems they are trying to solve, do you think the solutions are effective and why, any other suggestions to solve the problems, etc. The news piece is quite random and you can look at your note while answering.

The second section is a traditional competency interview. What do you know about Mazars? What difficulties are Mazars facing at the moment? Why audit? What do you know about audit? What do you know about the ACA? Why did you choose your university? What was your biggest challenge? etc etc.

Look at their website and find their “values” and prepare examples for each one. As long as your answer hit all of their competencies you should be fine.


Cheers nlbinh4, thats really helpful!

The second part should be relatively “straightforward” I suppose, although my answer to “what are the difficulties faced by Mazars?” is likely to be pretty waffly! Ha. Do you think there will be much commercial awareness?

And do you think there is any worthwhile way to prepare for the first section? Or is it just to go for it on the day?



For the difficulties question, if you’re applying for audit you can talk about audit reform and its implication on Mazars (mandatory rotation -> more resource needed to maintain clients, etc) or recent allegations/legal fines/talents leaving etc. Just search the news. Also if they ask you this they’ll probe you further on how to solve these difficulties/how to fund the solution/etc. so prepare these as well.

I was not asked any commercial awareness question (e.g. any recent news?) but the “difficulties faced by Mazars” question contain commercial awareness elements in it. I would still recommend reading on recent news about Audit and Mazars. Always good to be prepared.

You can’t prepare for the first section really. Just know what does a “stakeholder” mean. In my opinion it’s not too hard. As long as you have a logical answer then you should be fine.


Thanks nlbinh4! I agree, prep’d is always good! Just need to make sure I am now haha


Hi guys,

I also have a first round interview for Mazars in a couple of days. I was hoping you could share your experiences with me, in particular an outline of the piece of news they give you if possible. I don’t really want to be struck by surprise so I appreciate any help really.

Thanks in advance


Hi Jessica,

Id love to help but I couldnt get into London on Monday because of the storms “breaking” the East Anglian train lines, unfortunately. So, theyve postponed it until next Wednesday so I cant offer any help, sorry!

Though if you could let me know whats in yours when youve had it that would be much appreciated, thanks!!

Good luck for Friday(?)!


No worries RHUMBO, I’ll be sure to share my experiences with you. Thanks for the reply. Any other information anyone has I’d appreciate the help.