Mazars - Audit 2015 Intake - First Round Interview

Mazars LLP

Hey, I have just booked my first round interview. I’m just wondering if anyone knows what sort of questions they ask this year and if you have any general tips / advice. I appreciate any help you give. Thanks :slight_smile:


Have you seen this post about Mazars interviews?
There is lots of info on there. Good luck with the interview!


Ah thank you! Have you applied too?


Still waiting for the date to be set for mine. What scheme are you applying for? Also is your interview in London or at the office you applied for?


mine is in London (audit), but that is the office that I applied for. I actually had to cancel my interview and am awaiting a new slot, so not too sure what is going on now. What about you?


I applied for tax in Bristol.


Hi, I just did my first interview in London office. The first part of the interview was a case study. It was an article about elderly people problem. The second part was competency based.What challenges are faced by Mazars,why Audit, why ACA, teamwork, plan things,your challenge etc.


Thanks, that was useful! Is there anymore info you can give regarding the case study - is there any way of preparing for it?


There is no way to prepare for the case study but to be honest it is just common sense really, it isn’t that difficult. The interviewer will explain what questions they are going to ask you on it then they will leave the room for 10 minutes or so then you read and make notes that you can refer to during their questions.

The article is only like 150 words or something, just a single page on a common everyday issue like obesity or something. I think it has been explained to be honest but I would worry more about preparing for the interview.


anyone got an assessment day coming up / had one in the past - any tips?


Hi! Can you tell me some specifics about the article plz?


mine was about people not wanting their elderly parents to live with them


Mine was about insurance fraud


Can I ask which role are you applying for?