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Hello all

I have been unable to find a thread which discusses Mazars AC experiences so thought I’d start one.

I have been invited to a Recruitment Day (which consists of a partner interview, in-tray exercise and group exercise) and was wondering whether anyone has attended these?

Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated!!



(hi, i replied to your other post but thought i’d paste it here for other people, with some additions!)

I attended the assessment day at Mazars and have just received an offer from them to start in September this year. My experience with them have been nothing but good so far! I know that some people have said that they were slow but with me they were very prompt. I heard back from my online test very quickly and received a response from my first interview within a day.

My first interview with them is probably a little different from everyone else, because I am living abroad they gave me a telephone interview. The assessment day started at 8.45am in their office in London. My group was quite small with only 7 people. It started off with coffees and chatter, meeting some current managers who were our couriers for the day. Then off to the partner interview. My partner was very nice and asked me lots of questions about my experiences. He also had some competency questions on a check list that he felt he had to ask but seemed a lot more interested in my travels and hobbies. My interview went on for a little longer than it was supposed to be because I was asking lots of questions about the firm and what his experience has been of working there. He told me that he had only ever worked for Mazars throughout his entire career since leaving school. There must be something good about the firm to make him stay! In my opinion it is good to ask lots of questions because it shows you’re genuinely interested in the firm and what they have to offer.

The group exercise is relatively straightforward. We had a scenario that we had to make a group decision on. We had about 15mins to read and think about it and then 30mins to talk about and come to a decision. I don’t think it is vital what we decided, just that everyone participated. I think the most important thing is to make sure that you express your views but at the same time listen to what everyone else is saying. You need to be able to persuade others to your point of view but also notice when others have a good point. You don’t need to know anything specific about accountancy or business for this. It is a totally random exercise. Don’t feel worried about saying stupid things, it is better to say something than to keep quiet.

After that came the intray exercise. Some other companies will do this electronically but with Mazars it was all hand written on paper. There were 3 exercises to do, basic emails, what you have to do, prioritise them, making programs and answering a memo. The task itself was not hard but the time limit was very difficult to keep to. For those who are nervous about this, I thought I did absolutely awful on this task. For the first one I hardly wrote anything yet I got an offer somehow. So I think it’s not absolutely vital you do perfectly on this. If i could do it again I would just make sure to write down everything as quickly as you can. They can’t mark what’s in your head and not on the paper.

After this was a buffet lunch and more talk with partners and managers. The formal assessment of the day was over and the rest of the afternoon was spent finding out more about the firm, the training scheme and working culture etc. This was very useful and Mazars seem like a very good place to work in. I went to an assessment day at a Big4 firm and they didn’t bother giving any information whatsoever. It was almost like they knew they were so big and successful that they didn’t need to tell you anything, you’re just expected to know. Mazars answered any individual questions we had, they invited a tutor from the training college to give a talk on the exams and we could even write down any questions we felt uncomfortable to vocalise. I received an offer from them in the post within 2weeks and they gave me approximately 2 weeks to give them a reply.

Good luck with your recruitment day and feel free to send me a message with any questions.




thank you for your replies (to both threads).

I would certainly not hestitate to msg you should I have any further Q’s!

Much appreciated.



Is it possible for you to give me an idea about the telephone interview?



Or anyone for tha matter who has had atelephone interview with Mazars?


Any ideas of the starting salary for audit at Mazars?


it depends what region you’re are applying to. It really varies, quite a bit between each one. They’re competitive though.


Competitive with the trolley collectors in Asda if you ask me…


your comment is rather inappropriate if you don’t mind me saying.

I work as an audit trainee with mazars. They pay good salaries for a mid-tier firm. Whatever the case you shouldn’t pick a graduate scheme on salary, thats my advice. You should go for the experience that you are going to get from that company and the experience you are after.


hi guys, I completed my my online test for mazars about three weeks ago and have yet to hear anything. Is this normal?


yeah from what i remember they took a while gettin back to me. Especially for my second interview.


hi guys, I still havent hear anything after completing the online testing phase of the application. I’m worried they may have lost my application, it has been over a month now since I completed the tests! Anyone with prior experience with Mazars, is this normal? Should I call them?


Hi top_cat87, I am in the same boat and was just about to phone them but I can’t find a number to call! I did the tests a while a go and they still haven’t got back to me! I’m not sure the concern is that they’ve lost your application seeing as you’ve already completed the tests, but I think that, as with many of the other firms at the moment, they are waiting until January/Feb to get back to people. This has been the case with about 5 of the firms that I have phoned today.


Hi, James

I hope you are right, but reading through these forums it seems that people have been invited to the first round interview. I did my online test over a month ago, so i’m slightly worried…There is a number on their graduate recruitment website, i may call them at the turn of the year!
Thanks anyway!


hi guys, has anyone heard anything from mazars? It has been over 2 months since i completed my online tests.


I know, they take ages. I recently heard back from them after a month or so since my online tests. In the end I got an offer from PwC while I was waiting, but Mazars do seem to take their time.


I just heard from them inviting me to a first interview


oh, i think i got a miss call from them today… When is your interview james?


Feb 12th I think


Hi James23,

would you like to share your experience with the mazars interview? What kind of questions were asked? any commercial awareness questions?

I’ll have my interview on tuesday so I would really really appreciate any input!!!