Mazars..analytic exercise ideas?

Mazars LLP

Hi I have an interview soon for mazars,

they say they will have :

“At the beginning of your first interview you will be given an analytical exercise to read and discuss”

Has anyone experienced this before and does any one know the best way to go about answering this question?



It’s a [[case study]] type question. You’ll be given some information about an imaginary company which is suffering from various problems and dilemas, and then you will be asked to talk about the case study in your interview, and asked questions about what the company should do in its situation. More than anything, it’s a test of common sense so if you’ve got that, you’ll be fine. Case studies tend to be quite fun!


Thanks, I went on it, didn’t get it

my case study was on the british industry having to pay for school leavers as they sometimes don’t have sufficient verbal and numberical skills…

you get 10 minutes while the interview goes out of the room and then have to answer some questions on it, like what would you do, whats the problem (i.e. summarise) etc

Thanks for the help anyway