Marshall Wace Interview


hi everyone, i have an interview with Marshall Wace coming up real soon for the Finance/Business graduate position. i was told that there will be a 10 minute GMAT format test followed by an interview. i am not from a financial background and tend to struggle with the numerical tests which i have practiced. can someone who has had experience with them please help about the interview, and in particular about the test as i am really worried. i was told that the test will have short sharp questions which has already got me worried. getting graduate rejections left, right, and centre so dont want to mess this interview up!


Hey there,

How did the interview go? I shall be having an interview with MW soon, and would be grateful if you could pass on any advice that you think might be helpful i.e. questions you found particularly hard etc.

Thank you in advance.


hi, my interview lasted about 40 mins and it was very straight forward. normal competency questions like why mw, why your role, and teamwork and leadership. make sure you know everything on your cv because i think they will go through all your work experiences. the only problem i had in the interview was that i am predicted a 2:1 and i was told that i need to get a 1st. it has been 3 weeks now and i havent heard back so not looking good i guess. good luck and let us know how it goes!


Was this first round interview?


Its really a very shitty company, their assessment center was a nightmare. They make you sit on a room after the group exercise and they call people one by one to tell them they failed…and then they are asked to leave.

Apart from that, they work minimum 10 hours/day like one of their graduates told us and the atmosphere was really competitive and backstabbing in there. I’d stay away from it altough their wages are tempting, believe me you wont have much of a social life to enjoy the salaries.


I agree with blondeamon above. They truly are a big scam & shitty company. They rejected me just 10 minutes after I had submitted my online application form. And I have a masters in business with a distinction & a bachelors in 1st and all are from good universities!

And this is not a rant because I honestly couldn’t understand how they can study my whole application in 10 minutes especially when the application form contained 5 competency questions of 250 words each!! I can’t believe they can read all that along with CV & send in the rejection too in that time! Simply ridiculous… And when I emailed them back to ask the same question, they obviously haven’t bothered to reply.


@blondeamon and browncargos - your comments simply illustrate how rubbish candidates you are.

‘’…They truly are a big scam & shitty company. …’’

If you have ever worked on a trading desk you’ll know who Marshall Wace are and their reputation. This to me shows me someone who knows nothing about the financial markets.

‘’…Its really a very shitty company…Apart from that, they work minimum 10 hours/day like one of their graduates told us and the atmosphere was really competitive and backstabbing in there.’’

Its like this on most trading desks in the city, if think an investment bank is going to be any different then you’re never going to get a job. Most desks are 12-13hrs a day? And your always going to have the feeling that your peers or bosses have it in for you, its just the nature of the business.



Thanks for your comment & your “know-it-all” attitude. This shows to me that you are a desperate wannabe trader who has never made it anywhere but still thinks he ‘knows it all’ & so keeps posting big talks about his knowledge on the forums. No one has asked you to judge whether others are rubbish candidates or not when you don’t know a thing about them.

Moreover, If you look at the context of my post & read it carefully, you will understand that I am talking more about the way they are treating people who are sending them applications rather than talking about the reputation et al of the firm. How do you explain that they can read an application with 1250 words of competency answers+ the CV+ educational background & even send in a rejection and all this happens in just 10 minutes after I have submitted the online application?



Sorry to have disturbed you ppl in the catfight but this just goes to show that the firm in question has already chosen who they want and now just to show the regulators they are still accepting applications. Most of the trading jobs I know generally go to people who have links. They dont give a shit where you studied from etc! That is my opinion.


Hedge funds in general are less orientated about where people studied. They are more concerned with your attitude and knowledge of the markets. Naturally, who you know is also important :).


Initial interview was basically a resume walk through. They wanted to know reason behind every career move. Weirdly, the interviewer was also interested in knowing age. I immediately knew its not a place with good work ethics.


So they just run through your CV and thats it? No competency questions, why MW, why hedge funds etc etc? Thanks Paul


Yes they asked why MW. But no technical questions, no test.


Thanks Paul



I really wouldn’t be getting upset about being rejected from this place! For those of you young in your in careers it’s not the right place to be, they rate themselves very highly, but the reality is that they have many flaws in their operating model and culture; a complete lack of structure and process maturity, no real performance review system, ‘managers’ who do not manage (and don’t want to manage) and so on. There are many other firms which are going to be help you develop in your careers, but this isn’t one of them. Good luck.


By the way, for those of you going to MWAM for interviews, be sensible about the usernames you use on this forum, I’m sure the head of HR (I think the HR department has one person, lol!!!) probably monitors this site!!!