Mars Application - Grades


Im filling out an application for Mars, and for education each new entry has ‘Average grade’ and ‘out of’. For A levels etc, when i try to save an A or B etc in these spaces it says the ‘field Average Grade has an invalid value’. What do you think they’re are looking for??

And does anyone have any other information on mars?


Don’t bother.

I’ve completed this application form on two separate occasions, weeks apart. Both times I tried completing the form in Firefox AND Internet Explorer. Spent hours perfecting my answers.

As of yet, I’ve been unable to successfully submit the application form due to technical glitches. Totally put me off the scheme.

EDIT - I’d like to add that their graduate support is terrible. I spent 30 minutes being passed around numerous call centres trying to find a number for their “graduate team”, but in the end was told that they had no direct number. Sent them an e-mail weeks ago, still not received a reply. From what I’ve heard, a lot of graduates have had similar issues.

DOUBLE EDIT - I appreciate this isn’t the answer to your question, but I think it’s fair to share my experience. If you manage to get thorough the shoddy application system and submit your application, let us know how it goes!


That doesn’t sound so good.

What did you do for the grades though?


Misterme - call the HR on Monday and ask them what to do, although as Reg has described, this could be an excruciating business!


I only found out about the scheme a few days ago, and the closing date for the 1st wave of applications is the 10th. whether that will cut off at 12 tonight, or tomorrow night im not sure. I might just put in the ucas points as that is a numerical value and hope for the best.


I just put the grade out of 100 as a percentage. So i put 80% for an A etc. Not sure if that the right percentages but it looks good and if they query it then I can say that it was not clear. As long as you have the A level grades they require i cant imagine it being a problem. Not heard back from the mind!!



If you’re applying to any of the Mars UK Graduate schemes, feel free to post any questions or concerns you have on our graduate run facebook page. Here you’ll get honest answers from existing Mars graduates with no link to the interview process so feel free to ask us anything!!/MarsGradsUK?sk=wall

Good Luck!



Hi there,

I have been invited to complete the Numerical and (non) verbal reasoning tests for the MMDP. I have 4 days left to complete them.
Any advice?