Marks and Spencers Rejection?

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Marks and Spencer

Hi all,

I applied recently to Marks and Spencers, mainly as a back up as I have already reached the assessment centre stage with Barclays, Lloyds, Pwc and the Civil Service.
I just recieved an email saying I was unsuccessful and did not meet their academic requirements when in fact my academic results are very good (First Class Honours, 360 Ucas points + two additional B grade A-levels, 10 GCSEs all grades A or A*).

Was wondering if any one else has experienced the same thing?
I really don’t believe that my grades could not be good enough for this particular role, so do you think this is just a generic rejection email and that the real reason was something else (not enough retail experience, perhaps)?

Thanks for your help.


It could be retail experience - they like you to have some - or it could be that they filled your particular position and don’t need any more applicants. What was the position you applied for out of interest?


Goodness me, I’m sure they made a mistake there, I wouldn’t worry at all.