Manchester Business School


Has anyone had any experience of Manchester Business School? For geographical reasons this would be an easier place for me to study and I’m wondering if anyone has any comments on the school, either positive or negative?



Hi Nia
Manchester Business School has a really good reputation and is quite a large business school therefore it is likely to offer substantial variety when it comes to the units available and the types of courses that can be studied. The fundamentally however it will simply come down to what suits you as an individual but the reputation of Manchester business School is very solid and should stand you in good stead when it comes to future employment opportunities. There is often seen to be an element of negativity surrounding non-London based business schools and I would certainly say that they are often as good as not better and will potentially be a cheaper option due to the cost of living.
Why not visit on open day and try and speak to current students to determine whether or not you think the ethos and approachable suit you typically as it is not like a standard University and encourages much greater personal motivation in your working. Again this is something that will be very good future employment and if something is reborn in mind particularly if you need greater leading in your learning.
Good luck



Your comments on Manchester Business School got me thing for a colleagues son. I know the reputation is good but I have no idea about the programmes they offer.
At undergraduate level they offer:
Business Administration
Accounting and Finance
Hotel Management
Now clearly that is a brief outline as Law is obviously an area that has many sub-divisions but I like the approaches to HR and Hotel Management. These are very defined areas and show a good deal of thought by the Business School.
In terms of the MBA there are three study options; Full-time, part-time and online. I think this again augers well for the school. The admission criteria are varied and sensible.
If you trawl the Internet then you can find many positive comments but few negative. Of course there are those that suggest going there will make you a Man Utd supporter. Now as a Man City fan I will not comment!


Thanks both for your comments. The variety of options available at Manchester business School does indeed appeal but at the same time makes it difficult to really target the best possible course for me! I have been following various different discussions relating to combined degrees and on the whole I think there is merit in studying on a course that allows you to draw on multiple different disciplines as this will be the reality of the working world.
Taking your advice on-board and I’m going to arrange to visit the business school to get a feel of what the not this somewhere that I would feel sufficiently comfortable to study in a long-term basis and will also consider the part-time options so that I can gain experience by working part-time alongside the course.
It does seem that the specialist business schools to have greater links with, then this may be something that they can assist me with as part of the degree in a way that maybe a more generalist university would not be able to. Anything that I’m going to explore the possibility of starting on one course and maybe moving on to another as there is likely duplication of core units with the optional units being something that can be decided upon later on in the course once some form of experience has been enjoyed that will assist with this decision.
Will let you know how I get on!