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Hi everyone,

I have recently applied for the Graduate Progamme of the Man Group and been invited for an online video interview (Sonru). Anyone who has already taken the test?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, I’ve done the interview on the 3rd October, and I have got any news since then…


Hey guys, I have the Man interview coming up I would really appreciate some insight. Thanks!


Hey Mike, may I ask if you have already received the invitation for their Superday? Thank you very much. It has been nearly one month since I submitted the video interview, and the status of my candidature is still submitted pending review, I wonder if they’ve already sent out invitation for superday and I’m supposed to receive a negative response. Thank you very much in advance.


Hello Suetfei, I am about to take the video interview. Could you please tell me what sort of questions they asked you?


Most of the questions are motivation questions, why Man Group, why this program, competence based question, my advice, pratice all the mock questions provided by Sonru, you can do it a thousand times so you can get a list of questions and practice on them, in the real Man Group Interview that would cover the majority of the questions. Good luck


By the way I just cannot believe, with the Superday approaching, they’ve not yet finished the video interview process?