Making the case for a career change to accountancy in my early 30s


I have had some real success getting to the final stages for interviews with Big Four and with smaller firms. I’ve had no problems with online assessments, group exercises and so on.

But three times now I have been told that I have what it takes, but they don’t understand why I want to start again as an accountant after 8 years working in PR.

The reality is that I’ve found PR unstable (I’ve lost my job on more than one occasion through no fault of my own, and seen the same happen to friends), mediocre in salary and the work uninspiring. So a career change now makes a lot of sense.

I have also talked to enough accountants to learn that the things I do enjoy about my current job - client handling and the (all too rare) chance to work with data - would be really core to accountancy. I have concentrated on this upbeat message. I think accountancy would really play to my strengths and give me a stable career path (even if starting at entry level would be a short term pay cut). I’ve taken a lot of steps to reassure myself of this, including lots of online research, conversations with experienced accountants and tax consultants and reading textbooks and past exams papers.

But in the end, I keep being told I am not communicating the reasons for my career change effectively. Any advice on this? I will keep on applying.