Macquarie - URGENT - PLZ help!



Have u guys had any idea about the 1st interview with Macquarie? Mine is next week. it is the 30 mins interview in the office in london. you may be called to sit the pyschometric test in the afternoon if the interview is ok.
how is abt the interview? wat do i need to prepare? will it have a lot of competency questions?
the numerical, verbal and diagramatical test will be the same as the example in SHL, PSL? do u know which site they use?

Many thanks


I don’t know personally about the interview, I have a phone interview on Friday, but check out this page it seems quite useful:

Good luck!


Hi allmodcons

How is your interview?
My interview in London was not at all competency questions. There were all commercial awareness questions. We talked a lot about Macquarie, investment bank in general, financial crisis, credit crunch, etc and yeap Macquaire’s clients and how much profit has Macquaire made for their client? etc

I prepared a lot for competency questions as i thought the 1st round interview would only more or less than it. But nope!
To those r gonna have an interview with Macquarie, plz focus more on: commerical awareness, Macquarie’s transactions, etc


if i have not heard from them for ages, does it mean my application was unsuccessful?


couldnt make it down for interview so did my 1st round over the phone on xmas eve, was very informal / chit chat, mainly about understanding of the role on a day to day basis and about my education so far. The lady I spoke to was very nice and friendly and spend a very long time explaining the various businesses to me. am going down for the test center next week, how have people found this?


I got an email from them last week saying that they would be in touch with me in early Jan.

To leejin: when was ur interview, mine was on 15th dec? iam alos going to have an interview with GS in Jan. I applied for Operations? how is abt u?

to th7269: the lady i spoke to was quite strict. i thought she was not that friendly as i had expected. when is your test centre? i hope to hear from them soon. im kind of flooded by the amount of work coz exam s coming soon as well in Jan.


daisy: it sounds like your interview was pretty similar to mine, a few questions about my educational background and why i had chosen to study certain subjects etc and LOTS on commercial awareness and Macquarie transactions which I was definately not well enough prepared for, do your homework guys! They only asked me one or two competency based questions.


Test centre went well and have another interview this week. As far as macquarie deals go i think im ok but when you say commercial awareness do you mean state of economy/ subprime/ other recent banking activity, or more specific technical questions?

anyone else got a 2nd round coming up?


mainly they wanted me to talk about other banking stories that had been in the news (FT etc) but in quite a lot of detail and ask for your opinions on them


Have you heard from them as to whether you got it or not yet? I was also there last week and got told I may have to come again on Monday for a further interviews but now don’t need to so not sure if that is good or bad news?


have been called back to speak to someone from funds… interviewed the other week and it went far better with the senior associates from advisors and funds than it did with the MD of advisors so i suspect thats why, i find funds very interesting though so no complaints, anyone else in a similar situation?


Hello guys,

I have an interesting situation with Macquarie. I had my 2nd round interview on 27th of November, and since then I have not received any feedback (whether I got to the next stage or not). I tried to call several times for them but they just answered that they will contact me and clarify this issue later. I also wrote some 4-5 emails to graduate recruitment people, but no response from them either, even though before we communicated via emails in order to arrange telephone interviews. My application was also deleted from the online platform. I have no idea why it is so.

Does anyone face similar situation? What does it mean? and how to approach it?



They seem to be taking quite a long time. I had my final stage on the 15th of January and since then they have called me 3 or 4 times saying its looking positive but they are waiting for approval and nothing is definite yet…very strange. They told me they would call me for definite yesterday but never called. My application is still on the website tho. Has anyone else heard from them at all?


Offer :slight_smile:

Anyone else ?


Thats good news. :slight_smile: I’m only getting my first round interview tomorrow.


really? what division is that for? or is it grad scheme?



I have 2nd round interview coming up on 22 Dec…it said in the email that it would be a technical interview, but i’m not sure how technical it would be, and what kind of techinical questions they would ask…is there anyone who willing to share their expriences with me? the division i applied is Risk management Group…



I applied for credit risk and advisory at goldman sachs and in my final round about 75% of all questions were technical.
For example, how i would conduct credit risk analysis of a pharma company, what factors to take into consideration as opposed to let say, a supermarket or apparel sector; also questions about dupont model…then i was asked about hedging high yield bonds with credit-default swaps - or something like that…

now risk management can be anything including liquidity, credit, market and operational risks - you should at least have an idea of this…if you applied for a specific role in risk management such as market risk - try looking at foreign exchange risk, equity risk, interest rate risk and the like…

there may even be questions on sovereign debt and default - since it’s quite a hot topic at the moment -

and try to browse through relevant news …



hey guys i’ve submitted my app for a summer internship for macquarie on the 24th of november and i’ve just checked the status and it says : new. any others in the same situation? have u heard back from them?


I have waited for 2 weeks already nearly after the final interview with Macquarie risk… I wonder if its a good sign that i am still not rejected, or its a bad sign that I am forgotten =.=