Hey people just had my Macquarie telephone interview. They told me they’d get back to me next week.
Is that an automatice rejection. People who interviewed in person, said they were invited to the AC straight after the interview. Was that the case for anyone who interviewed over the phone?



I have a first interview with them tomorow, would you mind sheding some light on what questions are going to be asked?


hi lala
I was asked to go through my CV, why Macquarie, Why investment banking.
There are competency Questions but they draw them from ur cv, so if u played sports then temawork stuff comes up, and if u had responsibility then leadership etc.
It’s quite informal.
Aren’t really many technical Q’s.
Ohh one more thing they’ll ask u wat u think u’ll be doing working @mac cap on a daily basis?


hi lala.

could you please help me with what you were asked?