Have got my Macquarie telephone interview in a few days and have been doing a lot of research on the company and possible interview questions.
I am a little confused as many posts seem to contradict one another.
The commonality seems to be the ‘BRAIN TEASER’ questions.
Some people’s interview was mainly competency based with others having a more commercial awareness focus.
Has anybody recently had their 1st round Macquarie telephone interview?
Could you please share your experiences. Were the Brain Teaser questions the lillypad, the bat and ball, 3.15 and the £1 £5 questions?
In terms of commercial awareness, what sort of questions were asked?

Would greatly appreciate any help people.

And for all those who’ll have their phone interview after mine I’ll be recording my interview and I’ll post a transcript on here.


Hey I have an interview with Macquarie RMG soon as well, how did you interview go?



I applied to Macquarie RMG more than a month ago and still haven’t heard anything back. Just wondering when you did tests and heard about the interview?

Best of luck with it!



I applied a month ago as well. I did not get an invite to do any tests before the interview, because the tests will be done straight after the F-F interview. I applied to Mac Cap last year but I didn’t get invited to the tests after the interview. Hopefully I will get it this time round!


hi heihachi!!

i have my first phone interview soon. could you please help me with what you were asked?
thanks a lot


Hey! I had my MacCap 1st round and it was a combination of competencies, commercial awareness and some brainteasers.