Macquarie banking and financial services


hey guys

I have an assessment centre with Macquarie in the banking and financial services division. Has anyone else had one of these as this is the first stage of the application.

I have been very unlucky so far and am really hoping I can get this.



Has anyone else applied to Macquarie Capital for a graduate programm? Any news?
I have submitted my application on 15/9/2009 and got any response from them so far.


hey i had applied to macquarie aout 2 week sback
but havent heard frm them yet…
which location u applied to?


Macquarie Capital in Frankfurt


Guys, I spoke to a lady from Macquarie a few days ago, she said they’re not reviewing any of their applications until after the submission deadline. The same lady told me that when she applied she had done so about 3 hours before the deadline and eventually got the job - so there’s hope for all!



Hi guys!

Any updates from our australian friends? :-))
As far as I know, the deadline is over. I’ve applied to Macquarie Capital.




They should get back to you fairly soon, I applied to the Corporate Affairs Group (Finance), got my rejection e-mail just over an hour ago.


Hi everyone,
I am still waiting for their response. They start from tomorrow with the interviews! As I understood interviews and AC are on the same day! lol Is this true?


Not heard a word yet but I didn’t get invited to their drinks in London last Friday so I’m not holding out hope!



What drinks? Should I be worried???




It was not a formal drink reception for graduates (or shortlisted graduates); it was a networking event. Lord McDonald was not even there (for those who are interested in IBD). So no need to worry.


can anyone PM me the contact number for Macquarie HR London?



I just got a reply after submitting my application: rejection but it also said they "would like to retain your details on file in the event that further opportunities to join our team become available. "

Is this the standard thing they say to everyone?


@ the09, I got the same email about 3/4 days ago, I assume it’s the standard reply they send to those who don’t make it to the next stage.


Anyone who has already had a phone interview with Macquarie?


Anyone who has already had a phone interview with Macquarie?


got first round onterview on wednesday and invitation to the numeracy test next week ! 3 hours of AC in their office…


@ hype - when did you get the invite?? TODAY?


I got the invitation for the interview last week. Then went to the interview yesterday and told me straight after to go to the AC. I could take it that day cause I am not from London but I have to go back there next week.


How was your interview? I have an interview next wednesday?
Was it just standard competency based? Teamwork, leader etc?