Macquarie application


Im filling in the application for Macquarie and am not sure of how to fill in the results section. Are they asking for the results of all your undergraduate modules? as thats quite a few classes.

This what is says:
"Please provide us with the results of any completed modules.

If you have academic transcripts highlighting these results please attach to your application when submitting. If not, please complete the below table.

If you are currently studying a post graduate qualification then please attach your academic transcripts from your under graduate degree. Alternatively you can enter details below. (Please note actual results and not percentage or degree grade e.g 2:1).

Please note that your application with not be considered if you do not provide us with this information."

When they talk about “results and not percentage or degree grade e.g 2:1” what do they want me to write in the results box then?

I’m quite thrown off by the way they have worded this section, so what do i do?

Those of you that applied from the UK, how did you approach this section? Thanks in advance. LM


I know, it is a little bit confusing. But i am pretty sure that if you put all modules with the actual results (e.g. Mathematics/64) you should be fine. I did it last year and it worked, at least through the application stage :slight_smile:


Hey has anyone heard back from Macquarie??? I submitted my application in early Sept, still havent heard anything? Has anyone had any interviews?


It states that they won’t reply until after the deadline.


i submitted in early Oct. Havnt heard anything yet…


They got back to me yesterday and I have a telephone interview. If you live in an area which is relatively far away from London they will ask you to have a telephone interview, if you live in London then it will be a face-to-face interview. I applied for a grad position in capital advisers.


whats the next stage after the telephone interview?


Hey guys,

Has anyone been on interview?




I was wondering how long it takes for Macquarie to contact you back after the online tests at their office ?


Quite slow.

I think Mac can be one of the last “ibanks” in the city to get back to candidates…