MA In Taxation


Whilst researching the Internet I came across a degree offered by The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. The degree is an MA in Taxation (Law, Practice and Administration). The degree was instituted in 2008 and I was hoping somebody may have knowledge of this degree that could be shared. The normal route is to qualify as an accountant and then to take the exams of the Chartered Institute if Taxation but this may be a more defined route.
The degree is not just for those in practice but stretches across government and business. There is no prerequisite for a knowledge of law so that the degree appears to be open to all.
The degree is both full time and part time and is always taught in the evenings so as to allow for those who work full time to participate. I am attracted to the degree as it seems to focused on having an immediate application on cessation.


I too have not heard of this degree but was most interested as I have a son who hates the the thought of being a “boring accountant” but feels that taxation has a whole new set of challenges, particularly based around the ever growing international business world. Taxation is complex enough in this country, but when you add to it the need to understand the requirements of establishing a subsidiary in another country, and the various and ever expanding fields of DTRs, then the need to be up to date is ever present.
I took the step of talking to the Chartered Institute of Taxation about this degree and they are carefully monitoring its progress in respect of exemptions. It appears to me that taxation is now being recognised as a very specific need and qualification and not one that is obtained following another such as ACA or ACCA.
I have said to my son that taxation will gain in importance over the years as trade with such countries as China and Russia continues to grow. They are developing more amenable taxation systems that will allow for greater co-operation with other countries so now may be the time to graduate in taxation.