M&S Cafe Customer Assistant-HELP!!!


I need help. I am applying for CUSTOMER ASSISTANT - CAFÉ in M&S Please check this out and give me advice.
The question was the Relevant Experience for the position. Is this good?

I have worked almost 2 years in a family-based restaurant preparing food and drinks in a fast pace environment. Within those 2 years, I had different roles and responsibilities which will suit being a customer assistant in Mark and Spencer’s. While working in the restaurant, one my roles was to maintain the high standards of cleanness in the restaurant. I was responsible to make sure every piece of cutlery was clean, and to make sure every staff member was following the high standards we set. The result was our restaurant was awarded 5 in the hygiene test set by the Food Standards Agency. Another role I had, was to handle the processing cash and card payments from customer in a slick and efficient manner. This was a key role because some card payments cause problems to our Credit Card and Contactless Reader, and it needed to be solve, therefore I had experience in solving these issues. Another roles was to answer queries from customers. This was key issue because some customers were new to the restaurant, so they never knew the basic places around the restaurant such as lavatory. I have experience in watering. During this I develop great communication skill and multitasking skills.

Also, there is another question which is Relevant Training/Qualifications. What should I do here?